Making Videos - 30 Lessons in Blogging

After making lots of pictorial sewing tutorials for my blog, last year, I tried for the first time to make a video tutorial.
I had lots to learn about how to make a video. Initially I used my phone as the video itself, balanced on a wooden stand I had for a decorative Japanese fan!
I've also made other short videos just using my camera on the video setting and holding it steady, but a tripod would be ideal!

Once I'd made a video tutorial, I discovered that it was really easy to create a Youtube account and upload my video to that to share it with everyone.

Programmes used in making videos

For my first video I used Powerpoint, where you can insert videos onto slides. I then transferred the whole presentation into a video format.  By the next video I'd  discovered and changed to using 
Windows Live Movie Maker
which I've now made a few little videos on and am slowly learning about the features you can use, like fading in and out of each scene, adding music etc. I found Movie Maker reasonably easy to experiment with and learn. It's quite simply laid out, and I learned by trial and error. There are of course some great Youtube video tutorials out there that show you how to do each part. Any time I got stuck on how to do something, there was also a video online to help me out!

For the intro backgrounds for some of my videos, countdowns and fancy swirly graphics,  I've used free downloads from Movietools . 


When you add music to your Youtube video, you have to be careful with what music you add. 
My daughter recently made a video about Zero Waste to show at her school as part of introducing a recycling programme there. For that she used one of her favourite commercial songs, so although I uploaded it to my Youtube channel, it cannot be seen in some countries and is not montetised.

There are plenty of options for copyright free music out there if you search the internet and give proper credit. For my videos I've used Longzijun - which is a site that allows you to use their own original music ( so long as you give credit) on montetised Youtube videos.


You can link your Youtube account to your Google Adsense account if you have one. I've only just done this today with mine - using this simple video tutorial. So as yet, I can't comment on whether this is a good source of revenue or not.  I would imagine that just as with your blog, it depends on the amount of traffic you get watching your videos.

My videos

So here's one of the videos I've made. My daughter helped me make this one last year showing how to make a mini fork pom pom.

You can see my other short videos on my Youtube channel.
It's definitely something I want to learn more about and try making more.

How about you?

Have you ever made a video tutorial? Or other kind of video for your blog?
If anyone has any hints or tips on making video tutorials I'd love to hear them.  I know I watch a lot of video tutorials myself, so it's something I'm keen to learn more of.


  1. I did once make a several second video to demonstrate something I was explaining. No music, no talking, no words - it was very basic. Worked pretty well. Yours is well done, the music and words. I've thought about doing a whole video tutorial, but just haven't gotten there yet or found the right thing to feature.

    1. Did you post the video on your blog Faith? I think it's harder to put a video out there than a written post - much more exposure. I liked adding music to mine - so it wasn't just the sound of my own voice!

  2. Yes, I did put it in my blog. You can see it here = It was just to show that the new way of cooking rice didn't clump after being in the fridge. I like your tutorials where you don't talk and have music in the background. That would be good for demonstrating simple things. Thanks Jill!

    1. Just went back and saw your video Faith. Nice, simple and clear. It really showed what you needed it too!


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