Instagram - 30 Lessons in Blogging

I haven't been using Instagram for that long, and I must admit I haven't explored it that much as a way to promote or grow my blog.

How I use Instagram

I use Instagram as a way of taking pictures on my phone and sharing them direct to Facebook and Twitter.  I can take the photos, edit them a little, add a comment and then click on share to Facebook and Twitter and in one swoop the photo is on 3 different social media accounts!

At the moment I'm using Instagram to take my daily #100happydays pictures. 

Again as I mentioned in my post about Facebook, I use Instagram as a way of keeping up with others, and a social side to my work since I sew and blog from home alone during the day!


Until recently I just though of hashtags as something on Twitter - which I have an account for and do link things to, but I don't actively use.  However, I noticed that other people were using lots of hashtags on instagram so I thought I'd try them out for myself.  As soon as I added them, I got more likes and comments on my photos! For example if I took a picture of something I was sewing, I would add #sewing and there would be various users who I hadn't discovered liked my photo.  This gave me a way of finding and following other users with the same interests.  

The hashtags I use most, which reflect my interests and what I get up to day to day, are #sewing, #baking and #running.

Promoting your blog through Instagram

Through my use of Instagram I can see 3 main ways to use it to promote your blog:

  • Add your blog url to your Instagram profile so your visitors and followers can find your blog if they like the photos you share.

  • Add an Instagram widget to your sidebar to show a selection of your recent photos. This might encourage people to join your overall 'blog network' and you can have another avenue for getting to know friends and followers.

  • Follow others on Instagram with the same interests - increase your blog network and reach.

How about you?

Are you on Instagram?
(leave your Instagram name here and I'll follow you!!)
Do you use it as a social thing or to try to promote your blog or maybe both?
Do you have any Instagram tips?


  1. I am still trying to figure out how to use instagram and twitter both. I have the account but not real sure on how to use either of them. Although I do try., pinterest/TrinasAvon and twitter/bgt8ird. Yes I know I need to change my profile name on Twitter but honestly don't know how.

    1. There are so many different social media accounts to be had, it's hard to keep up isn't it! I'm following you on Instagram and Twitter now, but couldn't find you on Pinterest. I'll look out for your photos etc as we both figure them out! :)

  2. like you I have a twitter account but can't tell you when the last time I was on it lol! I keep up with family on FB, I ahve the instagram app on my ph but haven't downloaded it, thougt about it just not sure how it worked,I have 4 blogs, my raggedys blog gets neglected as I 'm down to one show now but hopeing to find a way to improve that or just let that blog go, thanks for sharing the good info on instagraming!

    1. sorry for all the mis spells lol I started to delete & start over but that'd make it look like I did something bad lol! lol! I was up all night into the morning canning with a friend, that's my story & I'm sticking to it lol!

    2. Hi Helen

      I've done the same - just signed up for all these different things as I've become aware of them, then very slowly I'm trying to figure out how to use them! I've found that by choosing one at a time to focus on and figure out how I want to use it before moving on to the next one is the way to go. Kind of like juggling - start with one ball then gradually add more one by one! :)
      Late night canning with a friend sounds like a good excuse for spelling mistakes!! :)

  3. I have to admit, Jill, that I have never used instagram, except for being on the receiving end of photos sent to me by my children and grands. I might just have to try it! Thanks for the info!

    1. You should give it a go Lynn - send those kids back some pictures of you too!! :)


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