How to use Pinterest to increase traffic to your blog - 30 Lessons in Blogging

Pinterest is the third largest traffic source for my blog (behind Google and Allfreesewing), so it's definitely something I'm looking into and consciously making an effort with to try to boost that traffic!

Pinterest Basics

When I first started to notice that Pinterest was driving lots of traffic to my blog, I thought I should take a look at my Pinterest account and profile to see if I was making the most of it and what I could do.
Here are the simple changes I made initially

  • Changed my profile name to include my blog name too, so this helps identify me and my blog together.

  • I added a Pinterest widget to the sidebar of my blog. This shows a collage of my most recent pins and has a clickable link to my Pinterest boards making it easier for people to find and follow me. (Here's the widget builder I used for this)

  • I tidied up my boards and pins. I used clear titles for each board and chose an eye-catching front cover picture for each one. I added a board "Best of Creating my way to Success" to feature my work and highlight what I do. I also ordered the boards to show off the best and most interesting ones at the top.

Growing your Pinterest Following

Once I had these basics sorted out I began to read about how to grow my Pinterest following. Here's some steps you can take for this

  • Start following others with the same interests.  You can search pins, boards or pinners in the top left corner of Pinterest. When I get a little time, I search for things like upcycling, recycling, sewing tutorials, bags etc and follow some boards and people . This means that my feed gets much more of the type of pins I'm most interested in.  I love browsing these boards as I find them too, and repinning plenty of ideas onto my own boards! 

  • Join Group Boards: I have joined a few group boards as a contributor. In doing this, you an spread the reach of those people who will see your pins. Hopefully this will lead people to see you as an interesting pinner and come to follow you.  Some group boards you can ask to join, others you need an invite. There's a great site Pingroupie, where you can search through all the group boards on Pinterest to find ones that match your interests. You can see which ones have lots of followers and so greater reaches and see if you can join as a contributor.

  • Pin different things at different times of the day or week to maximise reach.  This one I haven't tried yet - but it makes a lot of sense. There's a great post explaining why here, for example fitness and motivation pins do well at the beginning of the week as that's when people start out with their good intentions!

  • Don't comment too much. I read that if you comment on pins too much, Pinterest may see you as a spammer and suspend your account. I don't know how true this is, but I'm not going to risk too many comments just in case!

My Pinterest Account Growth

I've been making a conscious effort to work on Pinterest lately. I've tried a schedule but have too much else going on right now to stick to that, so instead I've been trying to just use time here and there where I can to pin and follow and try to make the most of this great site and the potential traffic to my own blog.

I noted down some figures a couple of months ago, and checked again this month to see the growth.  Not huge, but a significant increase in followers.  Hopefully I can work on this some more and create a bigger increase over the coming months.

As of July 26th 2014
78 boards, 1868 pins, 23 likes, 928 followers, 374 following

As of September 26th 2014
81 boards, 2284 pins, 35 likes, 1496 followers, 1786 following

 I'm happy to spend more time on Pinterest and hopefully I can do so to a good effect on my blog. I will keep you updated of my progress!

How about you?

Are you on Pinterest?
Do you consciously use it to grow your blog?
Do you have any more tips to maximise its effectiveness?

Of course I'd love it if you followed me on Pinterest too!


  1. Thanks for the link to Pingroupie, Jill. I go in cycles - sometimes I use Pinterest a lot, at other times, not much at all. On the whole, I love it and can get lost on there.

    1. Me too Pam - it's not somewhere I have a problem with spending more time on - for the benefit of my blog!! :)


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