How to fix being a 'No-Reply Blogger' - Day 74 Use What You've Got

If you are with Blogger and have switched to the Google+ profile, then you may (or may not) have noticed that for some unknown reason, your profile occasionally reverts to being a 'No-Reply Blogger'. This basically means that when you comment on other blogs, they can't reply to your comment as your email is not left.

I now check mine every couple of weeks and often have to reset it.

If you aren't sure if you are a 'No-Reply Blogger' or not - simply leave a test comment on one of your own posts, then see if you can reply to it or not!

So - if you are no-reply, but want to fix it so people can respond to your comments here's how.

(Please note, there are several tutorials out there showing how this is done - but I figure the more places we have this shown, the more people will find it and change so we can reply to a whole lot more comments!)

Steps to fix being a No-Reply Blogger

  1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and in the top left hand corner click on the little cogwheel. In the drop-down menu click on "Revert to Blogger Profile". On the next page that comes up you have to confirm - "Switch to a limited Blogger Profile".
  2. Click on Continue to Blogger, then click on your name in the top right hand corner and then on "Blogger Profile".
  3. Click on Edit Profile in the top right hand corner, then check the box that says "Show my email address". Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click "Save Profile".
  4. Click on the Orange and white Blogger logo on the top of the page to go back to your dashboard.
  5. Now click on Google+ on the left hand side. Then "Get started". You have to check the box to agree to using your new profile, then click "Switch Now".

I hope that helps!
Like I said, I check mine every couple of weeks and often have to change it!

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