How I'm using my blog's Facebook page

I have a Facebook page for my blog and I am on it most days posting a photo here and there, the odd status update about what I'm up to, sharing my blog posts and also other cool stuff I find on other pages and sites.  I have over 1000 likes and my weekly reach ranges from 400 to 1000. Not bad statistics I think, but I don't get much traffic to my site from Facebook.  

I enjoy my Facebook page and the interaction I get on it. I also find it a nice way to keep up with others who use it to see what they are up to and cool things they find.  Working from home alone, it's nice to have people there to talk to and share things with.

However, I wonder if I could get more out of my Facebook page, in terms of growing my blog?

Experimenting with Facebook

I recently read about two people who experimented with likes on Facebook:

Elan Morgan quit 'liking' everything on Facebook for a week, read here to see what happened. She basically stopped 'liking' and only commented on things. She felt overall that this brought the 'humanity' back to her use of Facebook and the news feed she got.

On the other hand Matt Honan 'liked' everything on Facebook for two days. You can read what happened here. He wasn't pleased with the effect he gained - a news feed over stuffed with advertising and related posts.

My own experiment

I've been playing around with my own use of Facebook lately too.  Trying to figure out what people see and why out of the things that I post and share.

For one week, I lined up some scheduled posts at regular intervals throughout the day. I shared all sorts of projects and links to things that I liked and were in line with the topic of my blog. Lots of cool clothes upcycles, crafts and some motivational quotes.  
Through that week, my Facebook interaction and post reached dropped dramatically, and next to nobody was seeing my posts.

So, next I tried a week of sharing other people's posts and cool things that they had found. It was a more personal feed from me, but far less structured in terms of both time and content. My interaction and post reach jumped dramatically that week.  

My Conclusion

  • For me, sharing things from other Facebook pages, reaches a wider audience than being the first to share something I find somewhere else.

  • I get most interaction (likes and comments) from photos and status updates I post about what I'm up to in my day to day life.  Maybe that's because it's how I've been looking at my Facebook page and using it - as a social network, rather than a blog building tool.

  • There was no effect on the traffic to my blog in either week.

My plan for Facebook

I think overall, the best plan for me is to be true to what I want for myself. I like going on Facebook to see what other people are up to, and it's kind of like checking the letter box a few times a day to find a few notes from friends and some magazine article clippings that people thought might interest me.
When I 'like' a post, it's kind of a thank you for sharing. I don't always have something to say in response to what I see or read, but when I do, I make sure to comment, even if it's just, "that made me smile", or, "MMmm, interesting."  

I'm also aware that if I stop liking things from people and pages I follow, that their posts will stop showing up in my feed and their page 'reach' will go down. So kind of as a courteousy to others, I try to like their posts to say,"Thank you for the updates and keep them coming, I enjoy reading them."

For a social media avenue that doesn't bring a lot of traffic to my blog, I don't feel that Facebook is one for me to spend time on as a way to grow my blog just now. I feel my time will be better spent pushing those avenues that are already bringing me traffic, like Pinterest.

Now It's Your Turn

Do you have a Facebook page for your blog? Do you use it much? and Does it bring you much traffic to your blog?

I'd love to hear any experiences you've had with Facebook, and how you view it - is it a tool to promote your blog? or does it reflect the personal social side of your blog, as mine does?


  1. My facebook page doesn't bring much traffic to my blog, but sometimes I get traffic from other facebook pages, but I rarely find out which ones. I just notice a spike in traffic and new likers. I scheduled a lot of posts for a while and also found that interaction dropped. I still schedule posts, but not nearly as often and interaction has increased.

    1. That's interesting that you found the same thing with scheduled posts. Maybe Facebook chooses not to show scheduled posts to as many followers as your other posts?

  2. I agree, I rarely spend too much time on my FB page mostly a what's coming up on the blog teaser. Good to know that others are finding the same results. I do find that my friends are more likely to share my blog post link if it's on my fb page. Right off to make sure I'm following you (Emma louise Bonsall irl)

    1. Thank you!! I just found your Facebook page too and am following that now!! :)


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