Having a Blogging Schedule - 30 Lessons in Blogging

Do you have a schedule when you blog? This could be with regard to when posts get published, specific topics on specific days - or just a routine for yourself as to when you get things done.

Some people need the structure of a routine and schedule, others prefer to blog when the mood takes them.

For me personally, having some routines for my blog helps keep me accountable and get things done.

What to schedule


You can schedule the time your posts get published and keep them at the same time each day. 
I try to publish my posts at 7am and 7pm (AEST). I generally prepare them beforehand and schedule them to publish automatically at that time.  That way, my regular readers know when to expect new posts.

You can also stick to particular topics on particular days.  
I have my regular posts that go out now - my Round Tuit linky party on Mondays, and my Saturday Spotlight post - features from this party. Other than that just now I don't have a schedule or plan - but I am working on one for other posts too!

Social Media

As I explore and learn more about using social media for blogging, I am realising that I really need to have a kind of schedule or plan for using them.  I have experimented a little with this on my Facebook page - which I talked about in this post. And I am working on this for Google+ and Pinterest too. As yet, I haven't figured out a schedule but I can see that regular interaction is making a difference in the numbers and traffic to my blog, so it is certainly something I'm working on developing.

Your own work schedule

I have small routines for my blog that I am slowly working on building upon.  Currently I start my day by checking my emails and replying to those and comments on the blog. I link up my morning post onto social media, and also have a browse around Facebook and Google+ to see what others have been up to.

Other than that, my tasks for each day and week are written in lists  and I fit them in as and when I can around my family, school, activities and housework. Sometimes it means I can blog all day, other times I can go a week with barely anything done.
 I love the idea of having a 'job' that is flexible enough to fit around our lives rather than have to fit our lives in around it.  This way of working does require a lot of discipline though when I haven't got blogging tasks done, and end up having to stay up late or get up early to do them - missing out on some sleep, or relaxing time.  Without set work times or a 'boss' to keep you in line, you are relying on your own self-discipline.

I'm always looking for better ways to schedule and plan my time, and have not yet found the perfect solution.
Perhaps there is no 'perfect'  or maybe it's just constantly changing as our lives are changing!

How About You?

Do you have a blogging schedule?
Or do you just fit in what you can, when you can?
Do you think that to build a successful blog, a schedule is important or necessary?


  1. Oh man, for me, a schedule is 100% necessary. Can't function without it! I use multiple calendars, in my little home office and use my time blocking sheet that I made. I can see a difference in productivity when I do not stay on schedule.

    1. Me too Ashleigh - it's an amazing difference when using and sticking to a schedule!


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