Guest Posts on Your Blog - 30 Lessons in Blogging

I've already talked about you getting your own work featured on bigger sites, but there is also the flip side of this where you can get other people to write posts for your blog. This can provide fresh content for you, and help bring new visitors and traffic to your guest's blog.

My experience with Guest Posts

I started out doing guest posts with other bloggers quite early on. It was often a swap - we both did a post for each other and promoted them to our readers. 

Then for a while, I ran a weekly 'guest post' spot on my blog where I had several great bloggers generously provide wonderful tutorials for me to showcase.  This provided something fresh for my blog and also sent some new visitors and traffic to my guests' blogs so it was  good all round!

You can see the guest post tutorials on my dedicated page here. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by quite how popular the tutorial on how to strip furniture was. Since it didn't really fit with my own sewing tutorials and posts - but once again reminded me that it's ok to go off topic now and again to add extra depth and interest to your blog!

How to get Guest Posts for your blog

Quite simply, you just ask!
As I mentioned I did a couple of swap posts at first - so you could contact your friends first and guest post for each other for a little fun.
Then when I decided to run my weekly feature, I sent emails out to lots of smallish blogs I admired, asking them if they would like to have a guest post on my blog.  Since my blog was growing quite a bit at that stage, I felt that I could offer them a decent amount of exposure by showcasing them on my blog.


Yes, it is important to set out a few rules or guidelines if you're asking for Guest Posts. You want to maintain a standard and quality for your blog, so you need to be clear about the things that you require and are important to you. Here are some example guidelines for guest posts:

  • State the type of post you want - is it a tutorial? or perhaps a chance for someone to just showcase their creations? Also mention other things, for example if the quality and number of photos are important to you, the length of post or any other details you are concerned about.

  • Set a date for the post to be published and deadline as to when you want to have the post by. Give yourself enough time to edit and schedule the post, and also time to find an alternate post in case your Guest blogger lets you down!

  • Let your guest know if they can promote their blog at the start or end of the guest post with a photo or two and a link back - or whether you want to add that part yourself.

  • Let your guest know if and when you're happy for them to repost the tutorial (or whatever type of post it is) on their own blog. I usually asked them to wait a week before publishing it again.

By setting out these rules or guidelines in advance, it makes it easier to decline an offer of a guest post that you don't feel fits with your blog or isn't of a high enough standard. 

It also means that your guest posts will fit with your style of blogging and so are more likely to appeal to your audience and in turn drive new visitors and traffic to your guests' blogs.


Guest posts are a great thing to set up if you're going to be away on holiday.  It can be a fun way to keep the blog fresh while you're away. You could schedule all of your own posts, but without you there to promote them and answer comments and questions, they won't have the same punch as usual!

Oh and by the way, I'm having a holiday at the end of this year, so may be looking for some guest posts then!! Feel free to let me know if you'd be interested! :)

How about you?

Have you done any guest posts for other blogs?
Do you accept guest posts for your own blog?
Would you recommend them?

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  1. Update! Google punishes blogs/websites with too many guestblogs. So one or two a year, yes. Many, no! (That's why I don't do guestblogs/posts)
    Google dictates us all, unfortuntely!


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