Getting Featured on Bigger Sites - 30 Lessons in Blogging

Following on from my post yesterday about writing tutorials for your blog, I wanted to add some ideas today about how to then promote those tutorials and get them featured on larger sites that will then bring more traffic to your blog.

How I promote my tutorials

For my own blog, which has over 100 sewing tutorials (built up over 4 years), by far my biggest 2 referring sites are Allfreesewing and Pinterest with Craftgossip also sending lots of readers my way.

Once I publish a new tutorial, here's what I do:
  • Share it on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  On Google + I share it to my circles, then also to maybe 2 or 3 different communities I'm a member of - tutorials, DIY or upcycling.

  • Send the link to a few major sites for their consideration to publish. (see list below)

  • Link up the project to a few linky parties each day for the week following publication. Each linky party generally chooses a few of their favourites to feature each week, or they give them a mention on their social media sites which also helps get your tutorial noticed by more people.

  • Add to my own Pinterest boards or group Pinterest boards where relevant

Major crafting sites to send your tutorial to

Over the years I have sent my tutorial to several different larger sites, all of which at different points have brought lots of traffic to my blog.  Here are links and suggestions of where you can submit your tutorials to:

You can create a free account with this site that then allows you to submit your patterns. I currently have 39 projects listed with them that regularly get featured in their email round ups of tutorials bringing lots of traffic to my blog. I also have a sewing designer page on their website which has my blog and social media links there. There is also an Allfreecrochet site if that is more in line with what you make.

You don't have to register here - you can just suggest a link to a tutorial,in heaps of different categories of crafts, from sewing to glass art, scrapbooking or recycled arts.

 This site is all about the pictures. Only the best get chosen to be featured. I've had far more rejected than accepted - but ones that have been accepted have often brought large traffic spikes to my blog. However, since the advent of Pinterest, I haven't had such large spikes. Perhaps it is just my projects aren't as popular, but Pinterest is very visual too and for my own blog personally Pinterest is a greater referrer.  There is also a similar Foodgawker site if you are a foodie blogger. Plus a Weddinggawker, Dwellinggawker and a Stylegawker, though I can't comment on the popularity of those other gawker sites as I haven't used them.

This site features new tutorials every day, and has been a great traffic source for me in the past.  They ask you to display their button in your sidebar once you get to your second featured tutorial with them.

Another site full of free sewing patterns that you can suggest links to without having to have an account. In the past I used to get a lot of traffic from this site, but I don't currently get much. Again, I don't know if it's just my tutorials or whether the Freeneedle site itself has dropped in popularity.

Again, this is a site that used to bring me lots of traffic but no longer does so I rarely submit to them now.

I think it's a matter of finding what works for your blog. I would suggest submitting your tutorials to any larger site you can find to try your luck. See what works and what doesn't and check out the traffic you get from any you get featured on.  

How about you?

Where do you link up your new tutorials to?
Are there any sites I've missed that you can add to the list?
What's the biggest traffic source to your blog?


  1. Great minds think alike. I'm planning a very similar post. I don't bother with One Pretty Thing anymore, either. I used to get a lot of traffic from Freeneedle, but not since they changed their layout. I still submit, though.

    1. I wonder what happens with those site that used to bring lots of traffic. I wondered if it was something I said... :) Yes I still submit to Freeneedle but can't see any traffic coming from it now - it used to be HUGE! Maybe the popularity just goes in swings and roundabouts and you just have to keep on being aware of what does and doesn't work.


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