Blog Sponsors, Advertisers and Affiliates - 30 Lessons in Blogging

I've already written about making money from your blog with Google Adsense. Other sources of income for your blog can be from sponsors or affiliate programmes.

Blog Sponsors

I have a couple of sponsors of my blog. They pay me a monthly fee to display their 'button' (clickable logo) in my sidebar, and each month I publish a features post promoting their store.
I've been asked many times how I found my sponsors. 

First I set up a page on my blog explaining the advertising packages I have available, and some statistics for number of visitors, pageviews and followers of my blog.

What you choose to offer in your advertising packages and how much you choose to charge is up to you. I spent a lot of time initially checking out other people's advertising pages and articles to get an idea of what was 'usual'.   I then settled on what I felt comfortable offering and charging.

I chose companies that were relevant to the theme of my blog; mostly fabric shops. A lot of these I found by looking on other similar blogs, to see which companies were using blog advertising already.
 I prepared an email outlining what my blog was about, it's relative popularity (visitor statistics) and how I felt it may be a good fit for advertising their store. Then I sent out lots of emails and just went from there. Some companies I never heard back from. Others signed up for a month and that was it, and some became long term sponsors of my blog!

I try to make a big effort with my sponsors - in writing great posts for them, and also linking on social media to their pages, and helping to promote any special offers they have.

Affiliate programmes

Another income source can be from affiliate programmes. For these, you display ads for a company, and then if sales are made through someone clicking through your site, you make a commission.  
I've tried a few different programmes. There are various ones you can sign up for, like for example Clickbank. They have lists of advertising clients that you can choose from to apply for their affiliate programmes.

Amazon has a big affiliate programme which I did sign up for early on in my blogging but never made any money from - although my traffic then was very low.  To be honest, until writing this post it's not something I'd thought about again, but I shall revisit it and perhaps try again now that my blog is bigger.

The only affiliate programme I currently have on my blog is for The Book Depository, which is where I buy my own books from as they are good value and offer free delivery worldwide.  I make a small amount of commission from this company, but not much at all. Still, I keep it there as it's something I use myself and am happy recommending.

I think the most important thing to remember when looking for sponsors - and affiliate programmes is to find ones that you yourself believe in, would use or buy from and it fits with the theme of your blog.

Don't be afraid to ask companies if they would like to sponsor your blog. What's the worst that could happen?   Some sponsors pay in supplies, others are happy to pay cash - I use paypal as a payment method for my sponsors.

How About You?

Do you have blog sponsors?
Do you have any affiliate programmes? 
Are there any you would recommend?

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