PDF Tutorials now available - Day 38 Use What You've Got

I've been doing some updating of my tutorials. I try to make all my tutorials available on my blog but also in PDF version too.
Yesterday I added the PDF versions of my last few tutorials - mostly upcycles!

Phew! Good to get that all organised!

All of my tutorials can be found here:

All the tutorials are grouped by theme - bags, upcycles, sewing for kids etc. And each of those groups has links to tutorial in post and the PDF version too.


  1. Whew. I am suffering from a severe case of I'll never measure up! Today I washed the sheets from one bed (still have not put them in the dryer) and placed one label on one bin in my craft room. Can I borrow some of your mojo, please?

    1. Awww - of course you can Mich! Imagine how rich I'd be if I could bottle motivation!....MMmm, now there's a thought!


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