My Blog Stats - Day 19 - Use What You've Got

One thing I want to do with my "Use What You've Got" challenge is to 'use' my blog more.  
After almost 3 weeks of my challenge, I'm finding it's pushing me to really look at what I have and take stock of how I'm making use of it.

 Blog stats - are they accurate?
With my blog - I've been taking a good look at the stats. As you can see above,  this is my overview of my all-time page views. Now I'm not sure how much to believe this as it starts in 2006. My first post on this blog was in 2010.... So that's not a great start to make me have faith in the accuracy of these stats!  But if you look at the scale along the bottom, if you start at 2010, each vertical line would represent 1 year - taking it to 2014. 

Also, for last month - July 2014, on my Blogger dashboard (where the above graph was taken from), it says I had 68,000 pageviews, whereas if I look at Google analytics, it says 27,000 pageviews.  Quite a big difference!

Anyway - the accuracy of the numbers isn't really all that important for me. I'm more looking at the results I'm achieving from my blog.

So what is important?
I definitely get a decent amount of traffic through, and the way I can measure my 'result' is from my Google Adsense revenue.

When I first added Adsense to my blog in 2011, I made an average of about $20 per month. Then in 2012 it increased to about $40. By 2013 it was steadily increasing up to around $100 by the end of that year!
This year, that revenue dropped for a while, then just over a month ago I read an article about placement of Google Adsense ads, and as a result shifted one of my ads to the top of my posts.  Straight away I noticed a difference, and in July I made about $120 from Adsense.

I have nothing much to compare this revenue to in terms of crafty blogs - other than Tip Junkie who reportedly makes over $12,000 a month from Adsense on her blog!

So if I look at my month - $120, and Tip Junkie's $12,000; is it a logical assumption to say if I can increase my traffic 100 times, my Adsense revenue will increase by as much? Wouldn't that be a nice monthly income???

How to increase traffic?
Isn't this everyone's question! Well, I looked at my traffic sources and found my top three sources are All Free Sewing, next is Google, most of the searches are related to Clothes Upcycling, then Pinterest.

So - since I have now produced over 100 free sewing tutorials, that is now slowly paying off with traffic. But how many more sewing tutorials can I put out? I will always be sewing new things, but this isn't a sustainable or feasible way to multiply my traffic by 100 - I mean really 10,000 sewing tutorials? how long would that take me?/

So I think my better option is to focus more perhaps on Clothes Upcycling and making more use of Pinterest.

I'm determined to make more of my blog - with all the time and effort I have already put into it, and continue to do so, I need it to develop into a 'profitable business' for me, not just a hobby.

What next?
So - as part of my 'Use What You've Got' plan - I'm going to be taking a close look at how I can grow my blog more.  I've done this a few times over the past 4 years that I've been blogging, but it's time to revisit this once again with my current knowledge and the resources I've now built up on my blog!

As always, I'll be sure to share what I learn along the way - both triumphs and disasters! So watch this space!

How about you?
Are you trying to grow your blog too?  How do you measure the success of your blog? and do you have any strategies to share for increasing traffic that you've found have worked?


  1. This is really interesting. From the graph, it looks like your page views remained fairly constant on average from 2011 to 2014, but your ad revenue kept increasing. I wonder why that is. Maybe the ads have improved or fit the audience better over time or maybe people are just changing their clicking habits. Food for thought...

    1. Hi Megan

      It is interesting that it's not just pageviews increasing that has increased my revenue. 2 noticable things were revamping my site to make everything easily accessible, and as I mentioned in the post, placements of ads. Just these two small things make me realise that there is more to it that just basic number of visitors! Just have to learn what 'it' is!


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