Exploring Google Adsense - Day 23 Use What You've Got

This morning, I've been doing a small online course on Optimizing Adsense.  After seeing my adsense revenue increase significantly after moving just one ad and changing its size, I decided I should make more use of Adsense and learn more about how to best use it!

So - mini course completed - I passed the final assessment and got my certificate, and have just implemented some of the things I learned. Let's see if it helps!!


  1. I moved to adsense as well! Trying different things out. Where did you take that course? :) Hope things work out well.

    1. Thanks Agy! The course popped up as a message in my Adsense inbox...back in May! oops - well, at least with my 'use what you've got challenge' things like this are getting done - even if it's taken me 3 months to get to it! Hopefully it will make a difference - just have to wait a bit to see now!


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