Do you have to spend money to make money? - Day 42 Use What You've Got

With my current challenge of 'using what I've got', when this question came up, I thought it was a good time to think hard about whether you do need to 

spend money to make money.

As I've mentioned many times before, I would love to turn my blog into a viable money-making business. To be able to do what I love doing for a 'job' would be the ideal situation for me -and I'm sure there are plenty of other people out there who would like to do this too!

What can I pay for to help grow my blog?

1. Transfer from Blogger to Wordpress. 
 I've read lots about this over the years - how you shouldn't leave yourself at the mercy of Google, who can take away your blog at a moments notice for no apparent reason, then all your hard work will be lost.  Paying for a Wordpress site with private hosting and a domain name is the solution - it's only a few dollars a month after all. 
 Well all those few dollars add up!  I have my blog backed up and all my 100+ sewing tutorials saved elsewhere 'just in case'.  Honestly, I feel I'm not writing about anything offensive or risque; so the chances of Google deleting my blog must be pretty slim.  There's always a risk in everything, and if anything happened to my blog then I've got the resources and know-how to start again, bigger and better than before! I trialled a Wordpress blog last year when I was offered free hosing for a year, and learned a lot, but didn't feel the need to continue it or transfer my current blogs at this stage. I'm happy to just stick with the wonderful free service from Blogger.

2. Paying to increase traffic, followers or likes
I'm always looking at ways to improve the traffic to my blogs and so boost my advertising and other revenue.   Recently I've been exploring the use of social media more.  On Facebook, when one of my posts seems particularly popular, I get a message from Facebook itself asking if I'd like to promote that post even more via a paid promotion, I guess to 'ride the wave' so to speak of this popular post.  I could also pay to advertise my Facebook page - the more you pay, the more 'likes' you are supposed to receive for your page.

Now over the years, I have been through some of the 'follow me, follow you' on my blog, joining in blog hops where the whole point is to get new followers, and other set up opportunities where bloggers all support each other with likes, comments, follows or whatever, just to increase our 'numbers'.

When I was at a  much earlier stage with my blog - just starting out, I'm sure this did help - having a larger number of followers and more comments on my posts did make my blog look more popular that perhaps it really was. And of course this was free not paid promotion. But over time, (I've been blogging for over 4 years now) I have built up my blog and my 'community' of genuine readers and followers.  I don't feel that paying for more is the way to build my blog now - I want people to genuinely like my blog on its own merits and follow along because they are really interested in my content.

Can I increase traffic and followers for free?
To continue to increase my traffic, I have to get my blog and content out there and noticed more and in more places. So the question would be - should I pay for advertising or promotion - or are there ways I can do this 'using what I've got' and without having to spend money?

I believe there are ways.  If I can put out good content - interesting articles, great sewing tutorials etc, then use linky parties, free sewing tutorials sites, keep on building my social network, then I believe good content will get out there and spread.   I've seen the spikes I've had in traffic from the odd 'stumbleupon' of my blog or a particular post, or a mention of one of my posts on a larger site.  These posts have been mentioned because of their own merit, not because I paid someone to promote them.  This is the kind of promotion and resource I want to tap into - genuine liking and appreciation of my work! I'm always exploring different avenues of getting my blog out there through various social media and other sites - there are plenty of free opportunities out there - just as I feature other blogs and crafters on my own blog. Once again - what I do on my own blog in terms of promoting others, is the kind of promotion I would be happy for others to do for me and have had many times over the years.

3. Pay for a better blog design and layout
Since this is a creative blog and is a reflection of my own creativity, I like the fact that my blog is of my own design.  I've learnt how to make a header, edit pictures, make clickable pictures and buttons etc over the years and I'm proud of the fact that my blog is my own creation. I've always been a big fan of DIY - for anything and everything possible.  It's so much more rewarding to figure something out for yourself than to simply pay someone else to do it for you.  
I know I'm putting in 100% effort for my own blog - and know I can change or improve things whenever I need to - there are so many great tutorials out there to show you how to do practically anything! 
Paying someone else to design my blog would kind of feel like it's going against my own principles and ideals of doing things for yourself when you can. After all - the title of my blog is 
Creating my way to Success.  Perhaps I'm too controlling, and I often wonder whether I would happily pay others to do things for me if I was rich? The answer is probably yes, as it would then free up my time to do and try lots of other fun things. However, I'm not at that stage yet, and it's nice to have full control and responsibility for my own blog and business growth.

4. Pay for blogging and money making courses
A few years ago, we got into a little property investing and made some money.  We decided that to continue to make money this way we needed to learn more and have the support of others and mentors to assist us. So I embarked on a property investing course for a few months which did cost a fair bit of money. 

 I learned a lot from the course and met some great people, but I think the biggest thing I took from the course was that success is all about commitment, dedication and persistence. Whatever you decide you want to do and achieve, you can do if you set your mind to it. It's all about finding your passion.
 There is always information out there, and people willing to help if you ask.  There are plenty of paid courses out there and I'm sure some brilliant ones, but there are also plenty of free resources - the internet, the library for borrowing books and tapes; groups and communities to join in your town or online. Not everything costs money.

I don't spend lots of money so don't expect others to either

When I reflect on what I want to gain for myself, and what I offer and give out to others, I want these two things to be similar in terms of the 'how'. My blog has well over 100 sewing tutorials available now - both in posts and as free PDF downloads. I've spent countless hours over the years creating these - because I enjoy doing it.  I make them available for free because I myself generally only use free information and tutorials.  Occasionally I will buy a book or how to course, but that is the exception rather than the rule.  So following my own rule - that is how I like to share my knowledge and skills - lots of free tutorials and encouragement to others to DIY!  
 I am currently working on an e-book for sale, but as I said, this is the exception rather than the rule to sell my work rather than provide it for free. I'm making every effort to make it great value for money and low cost - as that's the kind of things I buy for myself personally.

In researching this post I found an interesting article from The Entrepreneur Mind stating that you don't need money to make money. I love this quote from the article:

"Having no money doesn’t mean you have no


This is exactly what I'm trying to do and explore with my current challenge of "Use What You've Got". I have so many resources that I can use to grow my blog into a profitable business. I have my skills, in sewing, blogging and writing which are constantly being developed and improving. I also have a large fabric stash to work with creating tutorials and also making items to sell in my, as yet very small,  Madeit shop.  There are endless free resources available online - posts and tutorials where people are generously sharing their own knowledge and experiences about blogging and growing a business. I'm trying to make full use of all of these resources, and in turn share more of what I learn to continue passing the knowledge on!

So what do you think?
Do you believe you need to spend money to make money?
Have you already spent some worthwhile money that has helped your business grow?

I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


  1. I'm relatively new to your blog so I don't know your follows well. My thoughts on this topic are this: I don't mix social media particularly Facebook nor do I pay attention to it. I don't think it brings value to the table as far getting more activity. I prefer to follow through email and if I want to comment I will. Facebook demands interaction and invites it to your email constantly and shares everywhere inviting even more email. I find that intrusive and make a point not to like, follow etc through Facebook ever. I will follow on Pinterest because I don't receive a constant flow of email, it merely shows me that there is activity when I log on and if I care to I can check it out. Anyway, I do like your style of blog and the blog itself. The only change I would like is to be able to comment through an email address.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I used to have comments completely open on my blog but simply got too much spam to cope with so I had to limit things for my own sanity! I find that I use Facebook for my blog as a way of keeping up with other bloggers and what they are up to. It really is more of a social thing for me as it brings very little traffic to my blog. I have to say I rarely get emails from Facebook - just the weekly updates on my page stats. You can turn off email notifications on Facebook which I have done. Everyone likes different forms of social media - or maybe none at all. I think you just have to find what you're happy with and what works for you.


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