Friday, August 15, 2014

2 Little Lightbulbs - Day 33 Use What You've Got

At the beginning of this year, I helped my girls to open their own online "Madeit"shop, which they called  

   We'd done some sewing together over the school holidays and they'd learned how to make rag tags from jeans, so they made some of those to sell.

For me recently - following my 'use what you've got' challenge, I realised that I have my girls' 'button' in the sidebar of my blog - with a link that leads to their shop, but I don't write feature posts for them, as I do for my other lovely blog sponsors! How amiss of me!
So here's a little shout out for my girl's own online handmade store:

My girls - now aged 9 and 11, are very proud of their little shop, and the sales they have made.

The inspirational bag tags available in the shop are made from recycled denim from old jeans, and each has the addition of an inspirational quote.  

The tags come with a keyring attached so you can easily clip the tag to your bag.
The tags are the perfect addition to sports bags, with some of the quotes centred around my girls own love of swimming!

But there are plenty inspirational bag tags that would suit anyone!
Like my personal favourite..

So do please go and take a look at my girls store:


  1. We often forget to promote our own kids. Well done girls, on the sales you've made and the great bag tags. Following in Mum's footsteps.

    1. Thanks Pam - I felt really bad when I realised I haven't mentioned their shop on my blog in months. I'm now going to put them on my 'sponsors list' and do promotion posts for them much more often!

  2. They definitely deserve a sponsor post! Where would you be without them? (Someplace much less fun and creative!)


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