Day 17 - Use What You've Got, my stash dilemma

Everyone keeps random objects for future crafting don't they?
A few years ago, we transferred all our music from CDs onto the computer and mp3 players. Of course, I didn't throw out the CDs seeing far too much potential in them as a craft supply!
Over the years, I've added to my craft CD collection with DVDS and CDs as my girls have grown out of various song and movie choices.

Now look at what I have...
At a rough count, about 250 CDs!

I like that they're shiny and was thinking of some kind of outdoor shiny mosaic project. A couple of years ago on a family holiday to Bali - I saw large statues covered like glitter balls - and in my mind, I kind of imagined I could perhaps create something similar to stand proud and glittery in our backyard..

Tacky? maybe - but I'm a sucker for anything shiny and glittery!!

However - here's the dilemma.

My daughter's school is putting on a production of 'At the Bandstand' and the art teacher who is working on the production set, has asked for donations of old CDs - and lots of them!

I'm in the midst of a challenge which involves using up my stash. I want to clear our house out and really should just donate these CDs to the school.

But there's a part of me doesn't want to part with all that shiny potential!  

If I keep them, I need to USE them - either way this stash is going to get used up!

What would you do??


  1. I have the same problem as you as far as not wanting to let go of stuff. I would give some to the school, maybe 20 (or whatever you think is reasonable), and keep the rest for yourself - you do have a lot. I bet whatever you donate will be more than what others donate, unless they are like you and have a great stash, which I doubt.

  2. Hmmm.... a few years back, we made snowflakes out of them for Christmas
    But, what about making them into a lampshade? The shiny surface would do great playing up the light!

  3. I'm trying to de-clutter, so I'd give them to the school, knowing I'd have lots of other things in my stash that I could work with.

  4. Jill, give them away! All of them! There are always useless crap CDs to be had, anytime you want to try a project just ask a few friends for their stash. But you will feel so great getting rid of your collection to a great cause.

  5. Hmmm, that is quite the dilemma. I can see why everyone would say you should just get rid of them, but that sparkly Buddha is pretty amazing. Who wouldn't want one of those in their garden? I would try to break one up to see just what happens. If you find that's it's way too much work to make all those tiny mosaics (which I'm guessing it will be), then go ahead and donate.

  6. I have a spindel of around 100 CDs standing on my desk for the last 2 yrs. Having ideas is great, but are you actually going to do anything with it in say the next 6 months? I would say donate. I would if anyone would have them... Unless you of course have the perfect project in mind that you'll start real soon ;)

  7. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions everyone! I've decided to donate them and it feels good to be clearing them out. I have so much in my stash that I honestly don't think I'll miss them - plenty other things to be working on, and the school needs them now!

  8. So glad you decided to donate, we all need extra space and that's priceless. Besides, using your stash to help others is still using it up!

    1. Me too Ruby - definitely the right choice. It's also spurred me on to declutter even more at home!

  9. Maybe you can lend them to the school and then get them back. Maybe they're not going to cut them up and even if they do, that was what you had planned so half your work will be done :)


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