Sunday, June 1, 2014

Panda sushi

My daughters both have Japanese friends at school and they sometimes come home with 'lunchbox envy' when they see the cute things their friends have in their 'bentos'.  If you haven't seen cute Japanese bento lunches - take a look at some of the pictures here.

So, when I found these cute Japanese bento implements I just had to try them!

We got a Panda rice ball kit:

A mold to make the panda head shape - and a punch to cut the features from a seaweed sheet.

It took some getting used to.

We learnt for next time to make all the rice ball shapes first, then to cut all the seaweed shapes at the end, but cut several at the same time. We left our seaweed sheet out for too long and it went a little soggy so we couldn't punch out the shapes any more.
So we ended up with some cute and some angry pandas!!

They were definitely a hit with my girls and their friends at school. I'll have to try them again but in a box with lots of other colourful cut up foods too to make them all the more appetising!

We also got a couple of other rice ball molds - a heart and a star, which looked neat too!

Great novelty tools to have to make your kids lunchboxes more fun!


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