Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pyramid pouch jeans upcycles for my shop

One thing I'm trying to do this year is use up my stash and make more things.  I decided at the beginning of the year to reopen my old Madeit shop - Jembellish as a place to put what I make.

I've been a bit slow with this so far - and only have 12 items listed in my shop.  I love making things, but am less enthusiastic about the selling process, which is another thing on my list for this year to learn about and improve on!

So far, I'm building up my store of gifts for birthday parties that my girls get invited to, and later in the year I do plan to have a market stall to sell my things.
For now, I'll keep on chipping away at my stash and adding to my handmade collection - lots of upcycled jeans in there as that's my favourite thing to work with!

I like making things like these Pyramid pouches too - as they allow me to use up smaller pieces of cute fabric I've saved. 
Like this froggy one..

And this oh so cute fairy fabric!

Once I build up my stock some more, I really should make an effort to market and sell these things. 
It's out of my comfort zone to do that - which probably means it's something I should focus on! Time to move that to the top of my to do list I think!

What's your weakness - are you making the effort to work on it?

I like this quote too - very appropriate!


  1. I do like that quote, Jill! Made me think!

    1. Thanks Mich! It does get you thinking doesn't it!!

  2. Lovely pouches Jill! Very cute and handy :)
    My weakness is that I worry too much about household things. And if something is not done I get very frustrated. I shall take it easy! Or make it my strength? :)hehe

    1. Thanks Anna! I'm the opposite with household things - they are the last things to get done for me which isn't always a good thing!!

  3. I love the pouches and also the quote! So true! My weakness is thinking about the more practical side of things: money and bureaucracy, to name a couple. Ack! I know I need to work on those things, but I always procrastinate! :) Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa. I'm the same - I was brought up to always think of the practical side - sometimes I think though you have to just let it all go and do what feels good or fun! I wish I could be more spontaneous sometimes!!


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