Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I learned today!

This morning my car didn't want to start to take my girls to school.
 I did eventually get it going but noticed the battery light had flashed up.  After dropping off my girls I went straight to our garage and fortunately they managed to squeeze my car into their busy day.  It looks like it just needs a new battery since the current one is 4 years old and apparently that's a good run for a car battery!

But what did I learn?

I did mention to the mechanic something I'd noticed in recent weeks in my car that I thought might be relevant and it turned out it was!
I drive with the radio on all the time and don't switch it off. So when I start my car up, it automatically comes on to my favourite station. Recently however, when I start my car, the radio doesn't come on, and I've had to retune it most times to find the station I want.  
Apparently this is a sign of a low battery charge - the battery keeps the 'memory' of the radio going, but can't do this if it's charge becomes too low!

So - if I ever notice my radio losing its 'memory' again, I'll know to get the battery checked!  

I just thought I'd share this on here - as someone somewhere might read this and be able to get their battery checked before the car won't start all together.  Maybe it's an obvious thing to some, but it wasn't to me!

I do believe in the importance of sharing little snippets like this on the off-chance they may help someone else one day!

Hope you have a lovely day.

Note: the picture was taken on my lovely unexpected walk home from the garage this morning!

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