Sunday, March 2, 2014

$160 earned in my first month of freelance writing

This year one of the things I've decided to try is looking for work as a freelance writer.
Since I've been writing for my own blogs for more than 3 years, and have had guest posts published in a few other places, it seemed like a logical next step to take in looking for ways to earn an income from blogging.

I really got the idea from a blog I found last year called:

The author of the blog - Tom Ewer, has shared his journey as he quit his job to create his own income online. He did this through his own blog and freelance writing.  

On his 'About Me' page, he says he's a 

"freelance writer and professional blogger"

I like the sound of that!

For a while, he was sharing his monthly income reports on his blog. These were a great source of motivation and encouragement for me, and I'm sure many others, as it showed clearly what can be done if you set your mind to it!

So I bought his e-book 'Successful Freelance Writing Online'
 (this has since been expanded and updated - you can see what he has now available here) and read that through a couple of times, exploring all the links and making lots of notes. This isn't an affliate link or anything like that - I just really found his blog and course helpful in motivating me to get started and pointing me in the right direction.

So February this year was my month to focus on finding some freelance writing work, and I'm really pleased with the small successes I've had and the potential I can see to earn lots more money from this.

This was my first stop. I've heard it described as an ebay for jobs. People post all kinds of freelance jobs here and you can send your proposal for the job together with others and the seller will then choose who they feel is best for the job.
There are all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs posted there and initially I found it tricky to find something I felt I was qualified for. Once I realised that many of the jobs you don't need any specific knowledge for, I managed to start putting in my proposals.

The site is free to sign up for and you create your profile then get 15 free job proposal credits per month. So you can apply for 15 jobs for free. So far I've just used these and have just completed my second job.
The first job I got was 'copywriting'. For this I had to write descriptions of printers and inks.  Not the most exciting of jobs, but required no specialist knowledge as it involved looking up the information about the printer and inks and expanding it into sentences.  
In terms of copywriting experience I'd had previously - well I've written my own product descriptions when selling things in my madeit shop, or on my own website. I've also written product descriptions when writing sponsored posts on my blogs.

Blogger job boards
Another way to find freelance writing work is to look on various blogger job boards. One of these is Problogger.
It was there that I found a couple more jobs.
One - I've already had my first article published and have been paid.

Another I found was a new environmental site where you can submit your articles, and they get paid on the basis of popularity. So the top 2 articles each day receive payment. I have written 3 articles for this site so far and was so happy when my third article hit the front page and was the top post a few days ago, so more money in the bank!!

Overall I'm really happy with the start I've made. I've also been continuing to add articles to my own blogs, which gives me more examples of my writing to show prospective employers.
With an overall profit of $160 for my first month of freelance writing, I'm happy with that and aiming to grow that this month.

Have you ever considered freelance writing as a way of working from home?
If you're interested in giving People Per Hour a try, I'd be happy to send you an 'invite'. You can just go direct to the site and sign up, but there is also a referral system whereby any friends you refer who sign up and get work, you then get a one off referral commission.  Every little helps - so if anyone would like me to refer them, and you can then in turn refer someone else, do let me know!!

Onwards to month 3 of this fine year 2014! So far I'm reaching my short term goals, but have to keep on going with them to attain my long term ones too!

How are you going with your goals for this year so far?


  1. Jill, that is stellar! I'm mightily impressed with that number - and you have really been doing the legwork. Absolutely way to gooooo!

  2. That is fantastic! I was very interested to read about the websites you have been using and will certainly let you know if I need a referral. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Megan - I'm really pleased with my start, but can also see a long way to go and lots of possibilities!

  3. I am a freelance writer, a licensed journalist and all working both online and offline. Now, as a professional journalist I am slightly sceptical about just anyone calling themselves professional writers. However, I can see the potential in online writing, especially for certain niche markets. The thing is: you say you earned $160 for your work (about €120) for something that looks like a lot of work. How many hours did you work on your articles? If you break those $160 down to an hourly rate it may not be so impressive... Writers deserve to earn a lot more! Trust me, it's a proper profession!!
    Sorry for raining on your parade, but I can't stand seeing writers being underpaid like this!

    1. Oh rain away Esther - I agree writers are underpaid and the money I've got this month in no way reflects the amount of time and effort I've put in. But having spent 3 years blogging and the HUGE time and effort that's gone into that, it's no different really. After 3 years, I now make around $150 per month from my blog, which isn't much at all, but I'm determined to get it BIGGER. So to make the same in my first month of freelance writing I'm pretty chuffed. I feel like I'm starting at a better point than my blogging start - and I know there is enormous potential to tap into. I fully intend to make a decent living out of blogging/ writing/ creating; it just might take me a little longer to get there. I console myself (and my husband) with the fact that if I'd bought a business or franchise we would have had a big outlay of cash, and from what I've read, it generally takes 3 years before you start making a profit. So without the initial cash injection - I've started from nothing and done 3 years of hard slog with no pay - now it's time for things to start taking off and me to start making some decent money!! Yes my hourly rate now isn't much -but it has allowed me to be totally flexible with my kids, family and home - which still come first. I think I've got a good base to build on now, and at least this month has given me more of a writing portfolio to show to prospective employers! I'll keep you all up to date of my continued progress in this!!
      Thanks for you comment Esther!

  4. Persistence is the key and that is something you seem to have. If you are enjoying it, keep doing it.

    1. I agree Annette - it's all about persistence! and yes, I'm enjoying the journey!

  5. Way to go! I think this is really impressive and never would've thought to market my skills in the way you have. You've inspired me to sit down and realize all of the new things I can do now that I had no clue about before I had a blog.

    1. Thanks Tamara! The more I look into freelance writing possibilities, the more experience I realise I have now thanks to blogging!


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