Thursday, February 6, 2014

Freelance Writing - my February focus!

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but first, let me explain more......

This year as I've mentioned previously, I'm focussing on

 'using what I've got'

In January, I made a start on the long term project of using up my fabric stash.

For February, I've decided to use my writing skills as much as I can to work towards my goals.

Last year I started following a blog called 'Leaving Work Behind' which is written by an English guy who has managed to leave his job and set himself up with a great income through Freelance Writing.  This struck a chord with me, since with my 3 blogs, I've spent a lot of time over the past 3 years, writing!  Not only have I written for my own blogs, I've guest posted on others, had a couple of articles published on Technorati, I won a prize for a short romance story I wrote, and I've also written 3 short romance novels.

So, I thought, I've got a lot of practice and experience writing and I enjoy it, so why not look at making more of it, and perhaps looking to make an income from it!

So, this is the beginning of my Freelance Writing quest.  I've signed up with a website called 'People Per Hour', which is like an ebay for freelance jobs where you can put in your proposals or 'bids' for the available jobs that come up.

Then yesterday I wrote and article for a new environmental website called 'Wind'. On this site you can sign up and submit your original articles to be published. Then, people vote for their favourite articles. If your piece gets enough votes to put you on the front page, then you get paid!

So here's the link to my first article on there:

I would really appreciate if you had the time to pop over and read the article and vote for me if you like it!

I'll continue to post through this month how I'm going with my search for Freelance Writing work - and of course keep on posting about things I'm making with my fabric stash too, as I continue to 

Use What I've Got

And if anyone else has any experience, tips, hints or ideas for looking for freelance writing work, I'd love to hear them!!!


  1. You have great focus and determination Jill. You will be very successful. Rooting for you. x

  2. Jill, good goals and good luck as you try to reach them.

  3. Coming to this late but wow, Jill, good for you! Each time I come here I'm more and more impressed with your work ethic and your positive outlook on life and work. I just know you will reach your goals. You are so persistent and hard-working, and you're an excellent example for your children, your readers and me. You go get 'em girl!!! :)

    1. Thanks so much Michele! I feel like I've started this year with a fresh outlook and more specific goals and plans than ever - and am already making progress!! :)


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