Thursday, January 30, 2014

My new Madeit shop!

After helping my girls get their Madeit store (2 Little Lightbulbs) up and running, the next thing on my list was to reopen my own Madeit store that I had briefly opened a couple of years ago!

It's done and opened now - with just a few items listed to start it off!

I've called the store

which is what my friend and I called our market stall a few years ago, and what this blog was originally named for!

This online store isn't something I'm focussing on right now - but I plan to make something each week to add and support my girls in their handmade sales endeavours!

Do take a look and let me know what items you think I should make to stock it with! 

 I plan to use my own tutorials - since I do have over 100 to choose from now, I thought I'd make use of them.


  1. Whoooohoo! Congratulations on the opening of your shop, my friend! You have tons of tutorials to choose from, I think you should add a mix of easy-to-make items and more time consuming ones. Best of British luck to both shops!

    1. Thanks so much Mich! Thanks for the suggestion of what to make. That's a good idea to make a mix of easy and tricky things - that will be good for me too, I can choose depending on my available time and frame of mind each week!!

  2. Congrats for a new opening shope,Jill!
    Wish you all the best!
    good luck and hugs+++

  3. Congrats!!! This is a great Jill. I hope the most success for you.


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