Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My girls' Madeit shop!

It's done!

My girls have opened up their very own Madeit shop selling their handmade creations.

Over the summer holidays I helped them with some sewing and taught them how to make some upcycled denim inspirational bag tags.

Then we went through the process of opening up their online store.

They chose their store name and designed their own logo.
Then there was the trip to the post office to determine postage costs, and deciding on what price to sell their things for.
Finally we took pictures and they listed a few items.

Over the course of this year, they plan to learn to make more different things and add them to the shop. All the while, learning about selling online, marketing and handmade!!
What a great experience for them. They are very excited!

They would love if you went and had a look and tell us what you think! Here's the link:

Now I have to get my own store sorted and stocked!


  1. Well done girls, that is fantastic!! :o)

  2. I love the name of the shop - so absolutely perfect! The bag tags are lovely and I admire the simple design with bold font and really well chosen quotes. Wishing you two all the best with your fab new shop!

  3. Love the slogans and quotes that you use. Very inspirational for your girls too. You teach them well. Wishing them every success in their new business.


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