Thursday, January 16, 2014

Missing sewing..

Sewing a button onto my daughter's skirt.

That's the extent of my sewing adventures this week! 

But I have been busy, getting my girl's school uniforms organised (they go back to school in 2 weeks).
Renewing all our family passports that seem to have expired quietly without me noticing.
Selling the last of my girls' toys that they've grown out of. 
(Part of the major clear-out we've done over the past couple of months)
And making a start on my new focus and direction for this year.

Essentially this is based on 

Use What You've Got

The de-cluttering process I've just gone through in our house has helped me see exactly what it is that I've got, so now it's easier to plan knowing what I'm working with.

Next week I've got a week of sewing planned to kick-start part one of my plan which is to:

Use my fabric stash!!

With sewing actually my plan for next week rather than just doing what I can fit in, I'll have something to show and tell - so watch out for some new sewing posts...finally!!

For now....Things to do, must get on!

Back soon...

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