What's in a PET Bottle?

I found this awesome book a while back and since I've been experimenting a little lately with upcycling plastic bottles:

I thought I'd get the book out of the library again for some more inspiration.

The book has lots of great ideas of things to make with all the different parts of the bottle - the top, the cylinder and the base!
It explains what tools are best to use, and all the projects are clearly explained with labelled diagrams and instructions.

The ideas of things to make range from a pincushion, bowls for sweets and flower magnets to napkin rings and holders, bead stackers, decorations and vases.

I decided to try a vase with the bottle I had..

Almost finished... 

Still needs another coat or two of spray paint and then maybe some embellishments!

But I think it looks quite cute!
My girls asked if it was going to be a chocolate fountain!?

No, but I think it would be nice on a table filled with wrapped chocolates served with tea and coffee!

There are so many possibilites for upcycling old plastic bottles - and plenty of Christmas decorations in there that look great!

So if you're looking for some upcycling inspiration - have a flick through..

The links to the Book Depository in this post are affiliate links and I do get a commission for books sold through these links. However, all opinions in this post are my own - and I genuinely like and  recommend this book myself!


  1. So cute! I vote for filling it with some form of chocolate -- that's always a good use for a cool bowl!

    1. Thanks Niki - chocolates are definitely the way to go!


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