Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Wordpress learning -

As you may know, I recently set up a new blog on Wordpress to learn about Wordpress itself.
I had some suggestions from readers  (a big thank you to Stephanie) as to what to try so wanted to put some of those into practice.

First of all, I wrote a new post, so I had something to play with.

Photos in post
I actually managed to get the photo in my post in the place where I wanted it this time. I'd been struggling with this simple format issue - but have found that if I insert the photo after I've written the text, it seems to stay where I put it. For some reason if I try to put the photo in first, the text won't wrap around it, even if that is the setting box I check!

The next thing I did was to set the permalink to something that matches my post. The permalink is the URL or blog link address that takes you to an individual post.  The default for Wordpress was (to me) some random letters, symbols and numbers, see:


I've now changed this so that the URL for my posts matches my post title:


To do this, you go to your 

Wordpress dashboard -- setttings -- permalinks

then check the box with the option you want
 (there are several to choose from)

Featured Image
Next I tried to set my featured image for my post - this is so that an image showed up if the post is shared and apparently is important for SEO.
Well I managed to set it, but then when I published my post the image appeared twice - once in my post and again above the post. After searching for a solution to this, I found that this happens with my Wordpress 'theme' which is 'twenty twelve'.
It's still all too overwhelming to try and sort out so many things at once, so I just deleted the feature image for now and left the picture in the post.
If anyone has any suggestions about this 'featured image' I'd love to hear them. Do I need one? Should I change themes to avoid this?

Add This
Finally I added the Add This widget, for social bookmarking links.  I had to create an account with Add This and download the widget or is it a plug in?
It generated an html code for me to paste anywhere into my site?????  Not knowing what else to do, I added a widget into my sidebar and pasted the html in that.  The share buttons now show up on the left hand side of the blog - so I think that worked ok.
Again - any suggestions welcomed!

So far, I'm really struggling with Wordpress. Everytime I go on to try and add or learn something, it just seems to throw up a million new questions and problems that I have no idea how to deal with.  The help forums are like reading something too technical and it seems they assume more knowledge than I have of coding and websites.

While I was stumbling around things working on this, I found a 
WP Beginner website. So I've signed up for their newsletter and I'm going to try and read as much as I can there to try and get me going with Wordpress.

Does anyone out there who's reading this use Wordpress?
How did you start out? 
Did you have any prior knowledge? Do you have any recommendations on a good place to learn the basics?

Please help...


  1. Hang in there, Jill. Once you get the hang of it, you can do heaps more with Wordpress than you can on Blogger. I found the learning curve was really steep. I used tutorials on Blogging with Amy (Amy Lynn Andrews) a lot, and sometimes I just googled exactly what I wanted to do until I found a tutorial that talked in terms I could understand. I have a couple of tutorials on my blog now, too.

    1. Thanks Tonya,*:) happy

      It's quite overwhelming to start out with Wordpress - everything I start to do, just throws up a million more questions! I'll have a look at that Blogging with Amy too - thanks!

  2. Wow, sounds like quite the learning curve. But I think if it's something you really want to learn, eventually you will. Is there something specific you're hoping to accomplish by learning Wordpress, Jill?

    1. Thanks Michele. Good question Michele! I'm trying to have more of an open mind and not just stick with what I know. I find Blogger absolutely fine for what I do, but hear so much about how Wordpress is where you should be as a blogger. Rather than just dismiss it because I'm happy where I am, I thought I should actually learn and see for myself.

  3. I am scared of wordpress too, thats the reason I havent switched to a self hosted blog. maybe your experience will be quite a learning for people like me

    1. Hi Divya,

      I'll post all about things I learn about Wordpress and hopefully it will help others out too! It's all quite daunting, but I'm sure it'll get easier the more I do! I hope so anyway!

  4. Here's a link that might be of help to you, she has a ton of information and might just have what you're looking for.
    I haven't started a blog on Wordpress so I wouldn't be of any assistance to you. However, I feel all your frustrations and what you're going through setting it up because I just setup my own website and it was a challenge. It's a real learning curve with tons of stuff to learn as you go. Lots of trial and errors. Here's my link if you'd like to take a peek.
    http://www.embellishmepattyv.net Good luck to you and you will get it right. Maybe not the first time but it will happen. I'm a follower of your blog. You might want to check my pinterest board on blogs because I have a lot of information there as well. http://pinterest.com/embellishmepatt

    1. Thanks for the links Patty. You're the second person whose recommended Blogging with Amy, so I'll definitely check that out. I'm off to take a look at your website now!


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