WARNING! - have you turned into a 'no reply blogger'???

Yesterday I had a email from a blogging friend asking if I was aware that I was now a 'no reply blogger'
(Thanks Pam from Threading My Way)

You know the ones - when they leave a comment on your blog, you can't reply to them as their email address is blocked.

I have a note about this in the comment section of my blog:

When I first learnt about this, I checked the setting on my own blog to make sure my email showed up when I commented. I have never changed this setting.

So, I was surprised and puzzled when Pam emailed to let me know I was now one of those 
'no reply bloggers'!

What I then discovered was that (I believe) in changing my profile on blogger to the Google+ profile, this setting has changed.

I did a quick search and found how to change this back.
Fluster Buster has a great post here with clear instructions on what to do - worked perfectly!

Now that this has been pointed out to me, it does make me think that lately there have been more and more 'no reply bloggers' leaving comments on my blog. Plenty who I thought I could reply to previously. Many of these people have been blogging for a long time, so I had assumed it was a decision they had made for whatever personal reasons. Now I wonder if the same thing has happened to them!

So my advice to you... if you have upgraded your profile to Google+, then check if your settings have also altered. I simply left a test comment on my own blog, and sure enough there was no email to reply to. I also repeated the test after following the steps outlined in Fluster Buster's excellent post, and was pleased to see it had worked and my email is now showing up.

If you leave me a comment here - I will reply to you - so long as your email shows up!!! :)


  1. Nice post. Thank you for the advice. I'm no good in IT. When new settings are on I find I'm lost. You're wonderful . I will read your other blogging tutorials for help.

    1. Hi Terriea

      You are showing up as a no-reply comment blogger. I found your email on your blog and have sent you an email to let you know! :)

    2. That's very kind of you to share the blogging tips. I've just updated. GREAT help and thanks.

    3. No worries Terriea - glad to have helped!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Michelle - I couldn't believe I'd become "one of those bloggers" without realising!

  3. So glad you've posted this Jill, I've been aware for some time that the move to Google+ affected the email settings and turned people into 'no-reply bloggers'. I've told a few that it's happened to them but they've all said there's nothing they can do about it - Fluster Buster's post is just great in putting this right. It's becoming more common, I can't reply to more and more of the people that leave comments on my posts and it's really disappointing. I spend a lot of time like some amateur sleuth trying to track down a method of contacting them, which is how I came to realise that there was a common theme to the majority of NRBs - Google+, and it's all quite frustrating.

    I hope lots of people see your post and pass the message on about how to correct this. I've posted Fluster Buster's method on my facebook page today! :)

    1. Thanks Chrissie,

      This is the kind of thing that everyone needs to know about! Thanks for helping to get the message out too!

  4. I had the same thing happen! I was so glad someone mentioned it or who knows how long I would have left it that way! (Hopefully I've fixed it but if not, please let me know!)

    1. Yep Angela - yours is a!ll fixed up now! So frustrating that our settings can change without our knowing! All we can do is try to help each other out when we notice and learn things!

  5. Hi Jill, thanks for this post. A while back I checked the setting on my own blog to make sure my email showed up when I commented, and everything was in order. Since I associated my blog to google, the settings of my email change. I'd suggest to you that you check often to be sure that your settings did not change. In my case this is the third time I become a no-reply blogger :(
    Thanks to Fluster Buster's tutorial I could correct each time my settings.
    When I finished reading your post, I discovered that I was again a no-reply blogger..one more time :(
    Thanks for reminding me to check these details. Jill your blog is beautiful! This summer I could not visit you often, but i was looking at everything you've done and it's marvelous, you are doing an outstanding job with your blog, you inspire me!!!!!
    Marisa ( I hope that now I'm a reply blogger) :)

    1. Hi Marissa!

      I can't believe you've had to change your settings back 3 times! It's awful that things can change without our knowing! I'll certainly be checking my regularly now!
      Thanks as always for your kind words about my blog! :) I really appreciate all your lovely comments!

  6. I was been the same no-reply blogger.Thanks! I hope that now I am reply blogger.Kiss from Serbia


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