ReCraft - a book review

I found this book at the library recently and it has some fabulous upcycling and recycling ideas in it - including lots of ideas for upcycling clothes!

Yesterday I posted pictures of a clothes upcycling project I tried from this book, when I made this frilly apron from an old shirt:

The instructions are really clear and easy to follow - with lots of picture and simple explanations.

The projects and ideas in the book range from cute and cuddly toys made from sweaters; bags made from jackets, old books or curtains; to toy box jewellery, Christmas decorations and cards.

This is one of the best upcycling and re-crafting books I have found. The materials used are all things you'd have at home or could easily find in a charity shop.

Making the items shown in this book does not require a lot of skill, They are relatively simple projects, and there is even a section at the beginning of the book which explains and shows in pictures some basic sewing techniques and stitches.

I would definitely recommend this book for some great upcycling ideas! I'm certainly going to try some more projects from it!

Happy upcycling!

Disclosure: I have not been paid to review this book, I just really like it personally - however the links direct you to the Book Depository, where I buy my books, and I do receive a commission for sales from that site.

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