My Forever Dress - a clothes upcycling book review

I found this book in the library a little while ago and just had to get it out to read to my girls.
They're a bit old for picture books, but since this book is about something I do a lot of they really enjoyed it.

It's about a little girl whose Grandma makes her a special dress every year.
Then when she's seven years old, her Grandma speaks to her about taking care of the environment and the importance of only using materials we already have, or recycling things rather than buying new.

And so begins the upcycling, Each year after that, Grandma alters the little girl's favourite dress into something new and more suitable for her age and size!

I love the theme of this book (of course)

but the way in which it is written is wonderful.
It shows the Grandma sitting with her granddaughter who gets to help with the sewing by pressing the foot pedal on the machine sometimes. I love that the little girl gets to share in the creation of her dress - a special time to share, and memory to create with Grandma!

Sewing vocabulary is also introduced,  like cut, baste and hems.
And the concepts of upcycling and reusing are presented in a very positive light.
All in all a lovely short book, with beautiful illustrations.

Have you read this book with your kids? Do you know of any other kids story books that talk about clothes upcycling?


  1. What a darling book! I want it for myself :)

  2. We got that book from the library and my daughter read it a million times. She went to her closet and even picked out some items that I had made that she wanted to be her "forever" clothes. I love love love that book and have put it on her Christmas wish list for sure.

  3. What a gorgeous book! I would love to read this with my 3 year old. Thanks for sharing it, I'll keep an eye out for it. :)

    1. It's a beautiful book Danya - try the library! I'm sure your 3yr old would love it!

  4. This look so interesting! What a lovely idea! I want it to! :)

    1. Yes, it's a great book - I enjoyed it as much as my daughters!


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