Cute Creatures - a book review

This year, my daughter and I are learning to crochet, and work with wool, with the aim of making cute little creatures and amigurumi.

I found this great book with heaps of patterns in to knit, crochet and French knit some very cute creatures.
I tried the French knitted mouse pattern, with colourful wool chosen by my daughter:

The pattern in the book was nice and easy to follow. But the mouse ended up with the worlds longest tail...

So I don't think we needed quite the length of French Knitting that the book suggested!

There are heaps of different animals to make in this book:

Great photos and nice clear instructions and patterns.

I'm going to have a go at some of these cute keychain creatures..

And this hedgehog and squirrel are just too cute!! Must give them a go!

I'd definitely recommend this book if you're looking for some cute little woolie creatures to crochet or knit - lots of fun, different and quirky characters to try out!

Disclosure:  I have not been paid to recommend this book, the opinions are entirely my own, I genuinely like this book. However, the link in the post does take you to the Book Depository, where I buy my own books, and I do get a commission for sales made through my site.

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