Bags pillows and pincushions - a book review

I got this book (Bags, pillows and pincushions) out of the library recently as it looked like it had some neat projects in that I'd like to try.

The book is full of pretty sewing projects that are very well photographed and made using beautiful fabrics.

The first project I tried was the Oh So Soothing Bag.
Here's my version:

The pattern was easy to follow assuming you have basic sewing knowledge - although I have to admit that I'm better at following tutorials and patterns that have more photos than this book did as I like to be able to see along the way that what I'm making looks like the example in the book at each step rather than just at the end!

I was also disappointed with this bag that the finished bag has raw seams exposed on the inside of the bag.  Looking at the other patterns however, I seem to have picked one of the only bags in the book that is like this - the other bags having nice, tidy, enclosed seams!

I also wanted to try one of the pincushion patterns - and chose the square-in-a-square pincushion. Here's mine:

Again this pattern was easy to follow - with nice clear diagrams of piecing together the triangle and square pieces for the top of the pincushion.

There's lots more projects in this book that I'd like to try, like this pincushion:

Or this very cute yo-yo pillow:

If you're looking for some pretty ideas and how-to's for bags, pillows and pincushions - a lot of which use patchwork and quilting then this is a great book!

Disclosure:  I have not been paid to recommend this book, the opinions are entirely my own, I genuinely like this book. However, the link in the post does take you to the Book Depository, where I buy my own books, and I do get a commission for sales made through my site.


  1. Hello. Are the quilting projects "beginner friendly" ? -JC

  2. Hi JC,

    The piecing together of the fabrics is explained well with clear diagrams. However - the actually 'quilting part' mostly just says, 'quilt as desired'. I'm very much a beginner quilter so I do straight or wavy lines just eyeballing spacing. It depends what kind of look you're after.

    The book is much more about how to construct the bags etc and the designs - and for that I think it's great!
    Hope that helps!


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