More jeans upcycles

Take a look at this cute denim pot holder - by Lynn from Nebraska Views
She's also posted a great tutorial so you can make your own!

One of my favourite items of clothing to upcycle is jeans.
I recently ran two posts on upcycling jeans - 

These posts also have an ongoing linky for anyone to add their own jeans upcycling projects.

I also received a lovely email recently from a reader who had used my cap hanger tutorial and made herself one using old jeans!
Thanks Shubha for sharing this photos with me and allowing me to in turn share them with everyone here on the blog:

A couple more jeans upcycling projects I'd love to show you - also from the wonderful Lynn of Nebraska Views are..

I love how she has kept the detail of the waistband and pocket here!


THANKS Lynn for sharing these brilliant jeans upcycling ideas - she has also shared tips and tricks she learned along the way. 

If you've some jeans upcycling projects you'd like to share, then you can add them to the linky party here.

Or maybe you've used one of my tutorials to make something using old jeans - if so, I'd LOVE to see pictures and feature your project in a post! Do leave a comment or send me an email!

Happy Upcycling!


  1. Lots of great ones, Jill - that Xmas stocking is the cutest thing evah!

  2. I agree with MichL, that Christmas stocking? I gotta try that! :)


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