A quick update...

The past few days I've woken up to cold temperatures (for the tropics) 10C seems pretty cold to me now - but the blue skies and blazing sun do make up for it!
Today however, I woke up to warmth - 20C!!  Ahhh so much better . The blue skies have disappeared for now - replaced with cloud and drizzle, but it's worth it for the warmth!

I also saw that my grass seed has started to sprout (above picture) as have some of the veggies I planted last week.

Best of all this morning, my eldest daughter woke up bright and cheery. She's been a bit sick lately, and when my kids aren't 100% I find that it really affects me and my mood as my thoughts are with them so much.

So today has started out very well. We put on some fun music this morning and danced around the living room. On the way to take my girls to boot camp this morning, we stopped off at the shops on the way to pick something up, and my daughter found a silver coin on the ground! 

I truly believe when you feel happy, positive and good - you draw in happy, positive and good vibes to your day.

It's nearing the end of the school holidays now - and after a couple of weeks of not being able to focus on my blogs and building my business and work, I'm looking forward to getting back into it.

The last few days of the holidays I'll get what I can done to be prepared - with a plan for the school term.

I've decided to make my plan as comprehensive and detailed as possible to help me stick to it and get things done. My goals will be 
'musts' not just 'maybes'.

I watched a good short video this morning - Marie Forleo's weekly Marie TV.  She's a very inspiring businesswoman, and I always get lots out of her emails and videos. Today's was all about following through. If you're interested you can see it here.

In the comments of that video, someone then recommended a TED talk that I also watched - on 'Grit'. This was also very good - you can see that one here.

Part of wanting to make a comprehensive plan for what I need to achieve during the next school term, is due to the past couple of weeks and finally admitting how outside influences do affect me.
I do set myself tasks, but don't always finish them when home or family life takes priority.
I have to accept that this is the case and I can't do everything at once.  My plan will be realistic and flexible, but I have high goals and expectations as always!

Time to get to work!


  1. Glad she's feeling better, and you sound all charged up. My mom frequently quotes an old saying, 'you're only as happy as your least happy child.'

    1. That is such a good saying Michele! So true! :)

  2. Happy to hear you are all happy there, Jill!
    Glad your daughter was fit again, and you had a nice outing!
    Yes, sometimes we need to put aside our goals, while not forgetting about them.I believe there is a turning point when things begin to work! All happens in its time.

    1. Thanks! Yes I'm just in a waiting period now - but next week it all starts up again! Good to have taken a break though - I'll be back much refreshed!


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