Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Creative Space

This week I decided to look at where I work and whether or not I have it set up well to encourage my creativity!

Here is where I sit to blog - a lot of my day is spent here.

When I Googled info on creativity and workspace, a lot of Feng Shui sites came up.
The main thing they seemed to say was to clear and remove clutter!
Ok, so that seems obvious, but clearly I needed to do this - so I took down some of the things off the wall, cleared my desk and here is my space now..

I also found mentioned in several places that 'like attracts like' so to include objects in your workspace that will do this.

So I have a couple of things that I've made..

My Little Jem where I keep my pens and pencils
He always makes me smile. I was inspired to make these little creatures when the builders who made our patio left a length of drainpipe behind -and I was looking for something to make with it! - I cut the drainpipe into sections, added scrap fur and other fabric and Little Jems were the result!
He was definitely a good product of my creativity - so hopefully he will continue to inspire me!

I also have my crochet ducky on the other side of my desk:
I've just started to learn to crochet this year and he's the first real 'thing' I've made. So he's a reminder for me to continue to practice and learn new skills!

Finally, I read that it's good to have positive affirmations and quotes in your workspace - something I've always been a fan of and already have - so I left all of those up to continue to inspire and motivate me!

I have my wall of drawings and pictures from my girls.
They always bring a smile to my face!

Then I have my Insanity workout schedule poster. This was a 90 day programme I followed at the end of last year with great results both physically and mentally.  This is a reminder that hard work and dedication pays off - and helps me to know I CAN stick to things, and that DOES bring results!

My girls and I also like to leave post it notes about - there are some that have been on this poster for a while that I'm going to leave there.
From my 10 year old..
How nice is that!

and my 8 year old...
They are so good at encouraging and supporting me - I'm very lucky!

So now my creative space is a little clearer and magic things are going to happen here! :)

There is so much information out there to help you sort out your own workspace. Ideas for colours, layouts, orientaions and objects to include or discard. I even found a Feng Shui workbook to sort out your creative or work space. I found it an interesting read - but didn't get into it so far as to add the earth, water and fire elements to my space. It did help me to think about what my space needs to be like for me though!

So what is your creative space like? Does it encourage and enhance your own creativity? How?  What elements do you have that help you?


  1. Your space looks great, mine is in utter chaos at the moment and needs dealt with! I think it is true in all areas of the house, I sleep better in an uncluttered room (which I am longing for as ours is full of stuff at the moment) and I am planning on clearing the kids rooms as they are full of unplayed with toys and I am sure is makes them more aggitated.


    1. Hi Alison,

      Thanks - it's nice to finally have an uncluttered workspace (it's been a while!). And I'm tackling my girls' bedroom today - so messy, and they're so much happier and more settled when there space is clean and tidy too! (which in turn makes my life better!!)
      Have a great day!


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