Follow me another way - the end of Google Reader !

Many of you may now know that as of July 1st Google Reader will be no more. If that is how you follow and keep up to date with blogs then you may be looking for an alternative.

For readers of this blog - here are some alternate ways to continue to follow along and get updates:

Follow by Bloglovin

I've just signed up for this myself and have started adding blogs I like to it so I can keep up with them. So far I'm finding it very easy to navigate and use.

Follow on Bloglovin

You can even import all your favourite blogs from your Google Reader to Bloglovin - just click here!

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Follow me on Social Media:

 I do post all my blog posts to Twitter, but don't actually use it much other than that as yet.

 Pinterest - I love Pinterest and am on regularly, pinning away on my various boards!

 Google Plus is now bigger than Twitter! I've started using it recently and am slowly getting more and more involved with the other users and communities!

 I'm on Facebook daily - I link to all my blog posts there and also post daily motivational quotes, several links to upcycles and other crafts I find interesting, together with a glimpse into my daily life!

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Personally I have to say I never actually used Google Reader - but the end of it has made me look more at ways to keep up to date with other blogs, and ways that my readers follow my blog!
If you choose to follow along - or already are, then do make yourself known and say hello! It's always nice to meet and get to know my readers - and find new blogs to follow myself!

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