The value of linky parties for increasing traffic to your blog.

My weekly linky party - A Round Tuit, now gets over 100 links per week, and I love visiting the projects people have linked up and get lots of inspiration from them.

I used to link up my projects to lots of linky parties every week, but   over the past few months have gradually stopped doing so.  Partly it was the time it took, partly because I just focused on my own party and visiting all the links there, and also I just got into the habit of submitting my projects and tutorials to larger sites like Craftgossip and All Free Sewing, and the smaller linky parties just kind of got forgotten.

However - recent contemplation about the direction of my blog together with a post by Gwen at the Bold Abode telling how she had doubled her email subscribers and pinterest followers in one month, got me thinking again about linky parties again.

A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time each day going through the parties I had listed on my Linky Party Page. Some of them had disappeared, some had moved to other sites, and so I updated, then searched for more current parties and expanded my lists.

I've decided to spend time each day linking up my projects and visiting other links.  To hear that for Gwen this has been one thing that has increased traffic to her blog again, plus knowing that it has worked in the past for my blog is encouraging.
I think I had fallen into a rut of how I did and didn't promote my posts.  But I don't think that what works now is what is going to work every month.

I was just reading a great article on Whip up about monetizing your blog, and a sentence in it struck a chord:

The blogosphere moves very fast, and it’s very

 likely that what’s earning income for you now

 won’t be the same thing that’s earning you

income next year.

This is a good reminder that although you need a long term goals and plan, it is also vitally important to constantly reassess in the short term what you're doing and what is or isn't working.

So this month - May, I'm getting back to joining in lots of linky parties. After just a couple of weeks I'm noticing a growth in my visitors!
Towards the end of May, I will reassess again!

So if you have a linky party (or know about one)  and it isn't on my party page - then do leave a comment here with the link and I'll add it and come around and link up each week!

And of course, don't forget to come and link up with my own linky party 

every Monday!


  1. I like to add my projects to link parties, even though it is time consuming. Some weeks it just doesn't happen, though. I'd be honoured if you'd add Threading YOUR Way with Threading My Way to your list of link parties, Jill, even though it's an Ongoing link party, not weekly.

    1. Thanks Pam - I've just added your brilliant ongoing linkies to my page!

  2. Great post :) I'm still learning a lot after blogging a year, but by far I think the most followers/traffic I have received has been do to adding my posts to parties and then people pin them. it takes a little time everyday,but so far it has been what has worked. if you have other ideas I'd love to hear them as well :)

    1. Thanks Melissa! I'm focussing more on growing my blog just now, so plan to post each week on Friday what is bringing me success with that - hope some of it can help you too!


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