Friday, May 24, 2013

Support from friends

The people you surround yourself can have such a big influence on you and your attitude to what you're doing and trying to achieve.

I'm not taking the traditional route of a regular job, or buying a small business. I am trying to create my own pathway to success, doing what I enjoy, am passionate about and believe in.

 Yes, I have lots of plans, ambitions, and I try a lot of different things to try to work towards those. Plenty of those actions don't work, or I don't stick to for long enough to see results. But at least I am trying!

Maybe I've worn out a lot of people's patience and belief in me.
I can understand why people scoff at me when I say - "this time" or unveil my latest plan and they roll their eyes as if to say, "here she goes again."

But has everyone who has ever been successful got it right first time?
Neither have I - but it doesn't mean I'll stop trying and working towards my goals, and I WILL get there!

I have the determination and perseverance to keep going - but I also need support and belief from others too.

I need to focus on the support I DO get.

People who believe in me despite my own self doubts.

I NEED people like that in my life - people who will remind me of who am I and who I can be, when doubts start to creep in.

So thank you to everyone out there who has ever left me a positive comment.  Each small comment makes a big difference and boosts my confidence and my will to continue on towards success.

I need this support and truly appreciate it!

I couldn't do it without you!

Thank you!


  1. I am beaming support in your direction, across several thousand miles and a couple of oceans!

    1. THANK YOU Michelle! You've helped me start my day with a smile!

    2. Nicely said. I need to step out with my ideas. :-)

    3. Good for you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. The sewing/crafting blogging world is such a warm, welcoming and encouraging community. I just love the encouraging comments that people leave. Spurs me on to do more. If you believe in something, go for it, Jill. You definitely won't get there if you don't try!!!

    1. Thanks Pam - yes it really is a great community we're part of isn't it!

  3. Oh I can't be doing with these nay-sayers. These people who scoff, are they super successful doing something that they love? If so they should be offering you encouragement if not, they should be looking after their own lives before the nosey into yours.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

  4. Minutes ago, I just shared this same thought (or series of) with my husband then, by coincidence I read this post. SO TRUE AND I BELIEVE IN YOU !!


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