Saturday, May 11, 2013

No longer for sale - making ALL my sewing tutorials FREE!

I made the decision this week to close my little 'shop' and make all my sewing tutorials available for free.

The first I published this week:
Go here if you'd like the link to download the free tutorial and pattern!

I initially made these patterns, which are much more detailed and larger than the tutorials I have offered free on my blog, as a way of creating an income source from my skills.  After all - don't we all want to get paid for the hard work we do?

BUT - I'm currently taking a good hard look at my blog and really trying to streamline it into what I want it to be and what I believe in and am passionate about.

This has led me to realise that having a 'shop' isn't what I want.

Here's why:

  • There are so many free tutorials out there that I myself don't buy any - so really why should I expect anyone to buy mine? I can't ask others to do what I wouldn't do myself.
  • I know that whatever I choose to blog about - it will take hard work and dedication to produce and promote it.  That goes for having things for sale. You need to be constantly promoting and pushing those things and your shop. I really don't enjoy 'sales' and asking people to spend money. I'd much rather show people ways to save money by helping them to do it themselves!!
  • To be perfectly honest - I haven't sold many tutorials, but have had far more success with my free tutorials - and ironically have made more money through those free tutorials by means of the increased traffic to my blog they produce, and in turn my increased revenue through advertisements and sponsorship.

I'm happy with my decision - and am pleased to have had a good response from my readers from the release of the first of my larger and more comprehensive tutorials for free!

Over the next few weeks I will post the other tutorials and the links to the now free downloads for those!

How about you?  Do you have a shop selling your handmade goods, or patterns?  Are you happy to spend time promoting that and have you found much success through this avenue? I would love to hear other people's stories.  I think it's all about finding your own way - and everyone's way is going to be different!

Happy Sewing!


  1. aw thank you for your generosity! I don't have a shop or anything even advertisement since I don't have many followers.... I just want to learn to sew things and give it away to my friends and family. I think I save money that way because I buy my fabric on sale or from the thrift store. Love your blog. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you can get some use out of my tutorials!

  2. I approve! I think you made a great move here - people will love these as huge free gifts of love and hard effort from you. I am a bit the same, I don't buy tutorials online - I understand exactly who those resistant-to-buying customers are, because I'm one of them.

    1. Thanks Michelle. It actually feels like a relief to have made that decision!

  3. Hello. Thanks for making free tutorials..and for blog tips. I'm hoping to use Memorial Day (holiday here) to incorporate some. "Learning to Sew Mama" took my words exactly-I don't have many followers. I blog b/c I enjoy it and sew (or at least try to) because I enjoy it as well.

    Sounds like you have good reasoning. I don't think I want to get into selling, but certainly hope I get to a point where I can offer free tutorials to really help those that want to sew and/or craft, but don't know where to start. :-).

    Freebies will draw traffic and ultimately sponsors. Probably less stressful and we want this to be enjoyable, don't we? ;-).

    Happy Mother's Day to you. :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes, definitely less stressful for me not to try to sell things - I'm much more comfortable with all my tutorials being free!! Hope you had a good mother's day too!

  4. That's very true! Everyone's way will be different. You have to find the path YOU're most comfortable with because you're the one doing the work.

    I've had success selling my tutorials happily. I'm pleased with how it's going and will continue to explore the selling of craft tutorials in other ways as well. I'm looking at a new tangent right now that takes my shop ideas one step further. I hope the effort pays off. At the very least, I am learning a ton! :)

    1. Thanks Michele! Glad to hear you're having success selling your tutorials, and I'm curious to see what your new tangent is!!

  5. It's probably a good idea, since beginners like me (and possibly others) look for free patterns first. I can't trust my sewing skills to buy a pattern that I can't sew!

    Ironically, I had zero ads and very few followers when I published my tutorial for a sunglasses case ( and it drew traffic like crazy! I thought that it might get 50 views total, but it's at about 10,000 now! I finally got my ad account approved and made a couple of bucks. Perfect for more fabric!

    I had no intentions of making money off of my blog, and I could have probably sold it, but it probably would have turned people away. I noticed that a lot of the referral websites were from France, Japan, Spain, and other countries from websites like Craft Gossip that post about free patterns. That definitely increased the traffic!

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Diane! It's great to have such a positive response to my move to 'free' my patterns! :)


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