Friday, May 31, 2013

May in review - my small successes and looking forward to June

I had big plans for May.
I was going to have a big push on my blog; I had big ideas.

May however, was a big month personally. I had my parents visiting and staying with us from the UK.  I only see them around once a year, so it's a special time when they're here and lots of things fall by the wayside so that I can spend time with them.
I also turned 40 - and had a lot of celebrations for that too!

In short - that's my excuses out of the way as to why I didn't do all I'd planned to do for my blog this month!

In spite of all my excuses....I did however manage to achieve a lot on my list!

I decided this month to close my little shop and make all of my sewing tutorials available free of charge.
I'm SO glad I did this for reasons I've mentioned before. And seeing all the traffic these tutorials have already generated in the first few weeks of being available for free, is just brilliant!

I'm also almost finished updating all my other sewing tutorials. I'm setting up new pages with categories to make all the tutorials easier to find and browse through. All my tutorials will also available as PDF downloads too! That should be completed next week!

I've also managed to encourage more people to link up to the clothes upcycling linky and very soon will be able to retitle it 

500+ Clothes Upcycling Projects!

Just a few more links needed to get there - so if you have any clothes upcycling projects you haven't linked up yet then please head on over and link up!!!

But that was May.....

 June is going to be a big month.

One of the lovely presents I got for my birthday was this lovely new camera:
In June - I'm going to have a good play around with it and learn all it can do, practise, practise, practise and improve my photography skills - and through this improve the visual side of my blogging!

Also in June, I'm going to be using another of my birthday presents... I'll be working through 'The Asylum"

I'm really looking forward to this 30 day workout programme.  I did another Insanity workout programme at the end of last year - 60 days and LOVED it!  The discipline of following the programme every day really spilled over into other areas of my life too - and exercising every morning really set me up for a productive day!
Bring it on!!!

I have my new weekly clothes upcycling posts starting tomorrow. I'll be taking clothing, item by item and bringing together all the information and ideas I can find each week for each item to build up a new comprehensive resource for upcycling clothes.

I have more sewing tutorials made and planned - so more to add there.
Also, the weekly
is growing and is continually a fabulous source of inspiration and a great way to meet and get to know other creative bloggers!

I'm also exploring creativity itself in weekly posts and challenges.

I'm enjoying making my weekly Sunday motivation pictures - and choosing quotes to add to them!  My new camera will help me with this!

I'll be continuing my crochet learning together with my younger daughter as we try to make more amigurumi, like this cute and colourful ducky! We'll post about our progress and creations.

I'm also determined this month to explore and use social media more - so that means Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram!

Personally in June our family is set to have a relatively quiet month - with no big plans or events - so it's a good time for me to power full-steam ahead and concentrate a lot of my efforts on my blog.

My parents leave today to return to the UK after a wonderful visit.

Then, this weekend we're spending time with another family who share our love of fitness. Some of their family and my eldest daughter and I are competing in a triathlon together on Sunday.

It's my first ever triathlon - and my daughter's first with a swim in the sea.
We have to swim 300m, bike 10km then run 2.5km.
We're both nervous but excited!
It's going to be the perfect start to what is going to be an amazing month of pushing myself and seeing what I truly am capable of doing!

I hope you've all had a great month of May - and are looking forward to June too!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow, it sounds you made tons of things on May!
    And, happy triathlon for you and your daughter!
    I can't wait you to inspire me with all these new upcycling coming...

  2. Best, best of luck for the triathlon, Jill. You are charging ahead and I love it. Happy to hear you're pleased with making those tutorials free - yay, I consider it a very generous gift to your readers.


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