Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Amazingly creative upcycled jewellery

Having decided to take a weekly look at creativity, I could think of no better place to start than at 
Here is the fabulous Michelle:

I discovered Michelle's blog a couple of years ago when I stumbled upon her feature:

In these posts - Michelle creates beautiful, imaginative and quirky jewellery from the most unbelievable objects and items.

She will show you the finished jewellery - and the idea is that the readers have to guess what the jewellery is made from - someone who guesses correctly will win the jewellery!

Here's some examples of things she has made:

(notice Michelle is wearing some of these stunning rings in her picture above!)

The clip on part of plastic hair rollers - to cute pendants:

These gorgeous golden bird drop earrings..

Or pretty bird pendants:

Dollar store swizzle sticks:

Really her imagination and creativity knows no bounds.
But I have to say I'm equally as impressed with some of the creative  guesses that some of her readers come up with as to what the jewellery is made from . 

For example - Michelle challenged her readers to guess what the pretty leaves on this necklace were made from:

Here are some of the guesses:

Marie: melted down false fingernails?
Square Feet: shed snakeskin.
Peaches: aardvark toenails.
Kerry: leaves from a plastic tree you have growing in the back yard. 
Lisbonlioness: I do realize that Gollum is an unwholesome fellow, but pulling out his toenails is just...wrong. Plus, this necklace will smell faintly of algae and will be a tad slimy to the touch. Have you no heart, woman?
Anne P: you have cast a spell on some beautiful leaf and frozen it, like magic!

In fact, they were made from this...

I know! Amazing hey?

I find myself now looking at the oddest things in strange ways wondering what pretty things they could be turned into!

There is a great quote by Andy Warhol that I think perfectly describes just what Michelle does:

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore 

you suddenly thrill you.”

Michelle has the creativity and talent to turn the most boring item into something totally thrilling!

I am in awe of Michelle's creativity - and try to pop over to her blog whenever I can to read her posts - and particularly her 'Guess the Mystery Thing' posts, although I often find my own creativity sadly lacking when I can't guess or even invent a creative guess to explain the transformation!!

So if you want to flex your creative muscles, head on over to 
Have a good browse around, say hello to Michelle, and see if you can guess any of her mystery jewellery sources!!

Thanks Michelle for letting me feature you and your amazing talent here today! Can't wait to see what you make next!


  1. Gulp! This is so VERY cool, Jill - I love how you grabbed a few bits and bobs from my blog and made it all make sense...mostly! Thank you so much, love the feature. It is such an honor to be friends with you, one of the most fearless, open and energetic bloggers on the web. (Oh yeah, and talented!)

    That quote is one I have never run across - I simply LOVE it (and I guess I do think it's exactly how I work).

    1. And thank you to for your amazing compliments of me!! Proud to have featured you here Michelle!

  2. Great post. Michelle is very talented when it comes to upcycled crafts!

  3. Wonderful feature Jill! I love Michelle's work. It's crazy, brilliant, beautiful, hilarious, colourful, and beyond clever! Also, how the heck does she come up with it all?!! I'm amazed whenever I visit!

    1. Yes Michelle - it's all those things and I'm sure we should come up with some creative words to describe her creativity too - like "Fubwaglious!" He He!

  4. Really awesome creative mind! Never thought of using all those to create such beauty!

    1. An awesome creative mind indeed! Well said!


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