Clothes upcycling - getting back to it

I'm a HUGE fan of clothes upcycling.  The idea that old discarded or unwanted clothes can be given a new lease of life is just brilliant - and the creative ways people find of doing this are so inspiring - like this layered t-shirt dress from Second Chances by Susan:
Made from old men's t-shirts and a blue slip from the thrift shop!

Clothes upcycling is something I'm always coming back to.  I seem to accumulate bags of clothes over time until they start to burst out of the cupboard, then I have to do something with them.

This time however, I have no bag of clothes to work with. BUT! I do have a wardrobe full of clothes that need sorting through.  I've lost a little weight recently, so some of the clothes are a little too baggy, some are also a bit worn, and some I just don't like anymore.

So it's time to start sorting through them.  I'll go through them drawer by drawer and hanger by hanger; only keeping clothes I like, and refashioning or upcycling those that are no longer wearable as is.

Of course I have the big clothes upcycling linky which now has well over 400 ideas, to turn to for inspiration.

I was also inspired by a friend's blog - My Busy Craft Life. MJ challenged herself to sort out her pile of clothes that needed altered or upcycled in her Fabulising February posts - go here to see what amazing things she did!

So - I'm going to start 'Fabulising' my wardrobe too!

I'll make sure and commit to at least one upcycle per week that I will post about here to keep me accountable!

As far as possible, I don't want to throw anything out - even the parts of clothes that are tricky to use when upcycling them - like the seams! But the amazing PC at Meijo's Joy has an idea even for those:
Brilliant isn't it?

So do you have any brilliant upcycling ideas for old clothes that you can add to the long term linky to inspire me and others?

Or perhaps you have a wardrobe of clothes that needs sorting too - and you could join me in sorting through yours piece by piece and Fabulising your clothes to!

I do hope you will come back each Saturday and follow along in this challenge - maybe I can inspire others too!


  1. Love the idea of upcycling but don't know how to sew or any access to a machine. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. Thank you!! I'm looking forward to getting stuck back into this too!


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