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This week I finally published my first video tutorial and then a post describing how I made it and what I learnt. 
I've been really happy with the positive response I've received and chuffed too that I've even had a few people subscribe to my new youtube channel!!  Now I just have to make some more videos for my subscribers to watch!
I've got my next one planned so hope to get it made in the next week or so!

Other than that this week, I've been reading and listening to some interesting books, by Seth Godin and Anthony Robbins.

One thing that stuck with me this week was on a CD where Anthony Robbins speaks about time management.

He asked the audience, 
"Who here wants to make lots of money?"
Of course lots of people reply "Me!"

Then he asks, 
"Who wants to relax on a beautiful beach and get a tan?"
Again lots of people reply, "Me!"

Now at lot of these motivational books speak about finding what you want and then working towards that.  But it's also important to not get sidetracked by short term pleasures (also what you want!) when you're working towards a longer term goal.

I was reminded of this again watching the TV show 'The Biggest Loser' this week. The contestants are at the beginning of their weight loss journey, and one of the trainers was trying to encourage  the biggest contestant to push through the pain of working out.  He said that the problem was that this contestant has been living in a world of comfort. If he's hungry he eats, if he's tired he sleeps, if he wants to watch tv , that's what he does.  
Now he has to learn to get out of his comfort zone, push through pain to get to his ultimate goal of losing weight and getting his health and life back.

It is easy to give in to what we want right now - rather than hold off and focus on a longer term goal.  We constantly need to remind ourselves what we're working towards and why.

I found a great quote this week which I posted on 

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well neither 

does bathing- that's why we recommend it daily." 

- Zig Ziglar

(I try to post daily motivational and inspirational quotes on my Facebook page to help keep me focused and motivated and to share that inspiration with others)

During this long weekend - I won't be spending much time on my blogs as we'll be enjoying some precious family time together; but at the same time, I will be thinking about it, making notes and reminding myself that one of the reasons I'm working hard on my blogs is to try to remain as a stay-at-home (and work from home) mum as my kids grow older, so that we can continue to enjoy quality family time together!

What are you working towards, and what helps you stay motivated?

Have a great weekend!

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