Progress working on my blogs

Earlier this week I wrote about my plans to focus on my blogs and think of them as more a business than a hobby.
I committed to a weekly post where I will write about what I did, achieved and learnt through the week to help keep me accountable to my goal.

So this is the end of my first week.

I wrote great lists of things to do and work on and got through a lot but not all of it.
I will get through some more this weekend, but I am at least up to date with my posts!

I got a couple of things out of the library this week - one was a set of Anthony Robbins CD's for daily motivation.  I'm a big fan of Anthony Robbins and always find that listening to him gets me fired up and wanting to take action.
Listening to these CDs pushed me into doing a few things that have been on my list for a long time but just keep getting overlooked. Not blog stuff - but I felt it was important to stop procrastinating on other things and learn to just do things in general instead of putting them off.
I called a couple of friends to catch up after far too long. 
I also spent some time printing out eye charts for exercises so that my daughter and I can start to do daily exercises to help improve our eyesight.
This is something I have spoken about - and procrastinated about for FAR TOO LONG.
I blogged about it here on my other blog almost 2 years ago. Then again here a year ago.
I've read and known about this exercise plan since I was a teenager and first had to wear glasses - but never - in over 20 years, have I managed to stick to them consistently and persistently for a decent length of time.
Shocking!! How can I expect success if I don't put in the effort!

So this week I printed the charts, laminated them and drew up a plan for my daughter and I to do our exercises daily and mark them off the chart.
We're going to help keep each other motivated and look after our eyes ! About time too!

As far as my blogs go - I put a focus this week on getting up to date with my second blog - Be Our Best with daily posts and a plan of more to write for next week.  I also spent some time finding other similar blogs to this and reading and commenting on them to get back to building a network in that area.

The other book I got from the library was written by Seth Godin - Unleashing The Idea Virus.   It's all about modern marketing on the internet.  Now I'm like those creative people who get described as being all well and good at creating, but who have no clue when it comes to marketing and selling what they create - and don't particularly like that aspect of business either!

So I decided to stop sticking my head in the sand and try to educate myself. I'm almost finished the book, which is really interesting and I can relate it so much to what I'm doing with my blogs.
I've also subscribed to Seth's blog so I can keep up to date with his ideas, advice and motivation too!

Well not a bad start I think.  

I'll do a few more bits and pieces this weekend from this week's list - then make a new plan and list for next week. I'll report back next Saturday!


  1. It's interesting to hea how others go about this with intention. We have an Aussie blogger group on Facebook if you are interested. Lots of helpful women chatting over there.

    Just search 'Aussie Blogs to Love' on Facebook and ask to join.


    1. Thanks Bettina - I have tried with the Facebook group, but it just says it's a closed group and I can't find where to ask how to join?

  2. I love that you got real practical stuff done while at the same time working on inspiration in the abstract (via the books) Excellent work, my friend!

    1. Thanks again Michelle! I always appreciate you stopping by and your wonderfully supportive comments!

  3. Jill, this is another post that I love. Somehow you're motivating yourself and while I read your post you gave me a great energy and made me think about what I'm doing right now. Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts, your progress and what you will do in the future. I didn't know you had another blog, I'm going to visit, I have the feeling that I'll like it. Everything you've written is interesting, thanks!! I think I'm going to learn a lot this year along with you.
    Marisa from


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