Progress working on my blogs - videos

Last week I said that I'd decided to make a video and so this week that is what I've been working on.

I've decided to make a video on crocheting.  
Why crocheting?

I'm learning to crochet myself this year - and helping my daughter learn too.  So far, I've learnt bits and pieces from lots of different tutorials and videos, with lots of practice, trial and error. I haven't found any one set of videos in particular that really worked for me - so I thought I'd make my own!

Explaining something to others helps me reinforce things in my mind and will help me consolidate my own learning - and also hopefully help others - including my daughter!

In terms of making a video - I've never done one before so this is a challenge!

I do have a small video camera - but decided that it was probably easier and better quality using my smartphone. (I use that instead of my camera now as the quality is better!)

So I found a special stand for it:

This is actually a stand for displaying a fan..

But fitted my phone perfectly!

To present the video - I decided to use Powerpoint and include the video in that, then convert the whole thing to a completed video.

So at this stage - I have made one - and put it all together - but just want the weekend to edit it and make sure I'm happy before I figure out youtube and how to put it out there!

It may not be perfect - but I'm a big believer in trying and learning as you go. When I look back at my early blog posts and tutorials, I can see how far I've progressed over time. Hopefully this is just a start with my video tutorials - and I'll learn more and make them better and better!

So - I'm pleased with my progress this week - and watch out on Tuesday for my first ever video tutorial!!

(I'll also write a post about how I made it, with links to useful info and sites that helped me!)

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. This is so great. Awesome idea using the fan thing. I am learning this year too. I am loving it! You're right though i have yet to find a really great series! Lookinf forward to yours!

  2. Do you have an iPhone? I never used my phone. I got into videos back in 2010, but my recorder broke last year. Got another one in December. Did a couple of sewing vids. Did you or will you create a you tube channel? Also, how do you put your videos into a power point? I'm still learning. I've just been doing raw vids...some unrelated to sewing. Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I've just published a post explaining how I made the video if you're interested!

      How I made my video

      Hope that answers your questions!!


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