How I made my video

Yesterday I published my first You Tube video - a basic tutorial on learning to crochet.

In making it I learnt a lot - here's how I did it:

The basic video
I decided to use my Sony mobile phone to make the video - so found a makeshift stand for it - stood that on top of something else to get it the right height - and then went right ahead, pressed record and 'taught' the basic crochet chain - as I would to my daughter for example.

I tried a few seconds of video first - put it on the computer and learnt that I had to hold my phone sideways to make the video the right way up on the computer!!! - that may seem obvious to some, but I hadn't really used the video option on my phone before!

Introduction to the video
Rather than just have a plain video - I wanted to have an introduction, so decided to use Microsoft PowerPoint for this.
I chose this because - my kids are learning how to use this at school , and the presentations they are making look really cool! I wanted to learn how to do that for myself!
Plus I'd seen a link that showed how to turn a Power Point presentation into a video.

I found PowerPoint fairly straight forward to use just using the basic templates and layouts that were there.
To set the timing between the slides, and add music - or anything else I was unsure of how to do - I simply Googled - "how do PowerPoint" - and there was always an answer - usually a You Tube video that showed me nice and clearly how to do it!

Background Music
I wanted to be able to add music to my video - but wasn't sure what I could use in terms of copyright.  I tried looking this up and got even more confused by what I found, so decided it was safer to not use anyone else's music! a book I was reading, a phone app was mentioned that sounded like it might fit!
The one I found was Cinebeat by Smule, but that is unfortunately only available on iPhones. So I found an alternative that was also available on android - Autorap.  This app allows you to record your voice and then turns it into a rap!
So I downloaded this to my phone - recorded my voice - emailed the link to myself and then recorded the sound playing on my computer using Sound Recorder on my computer. (this was something else I'd never used - but once I'd found it - you just open it and click to record the sounds that are playing on your computer!)
Pitfalls:  I figured out how to add my music to my PowerPoint presentation only to find that when I converted it to a video form - the music didn't convert the way I did things, so I had to add the music all over again!

Turning a PowerPoint into a video
The first link I found when I Googled this - was for PowerPoint 2010 - which apparently has a feature built in to convert your presentation to a video - handy, but no good for me as my version is 2007!
So I found that I could make my video using Windows Live Movie Maker - which I had on my computer anyway (who knew?).
So all I had to do then was save my PowerPoint slides in a different format. So on the first slide I clicked on save as - other formats - then Save as type changed on the drop down menu as jpeg file interchange format.
Once I clicked save here - it asked if I wanted to save all of my slides in this format - so I clicked yes and saved them into a file and they were all ready to put into a video.
So then I opened up Windows Live Movie maker, and clicked on add videos and photos. I added each slide that I wanted, then added the video I had made earlier in between the slides where I wanted it.

Again I found Windows Movie Maker easy to use like PowerPoint - added music etc and Googled bits I was unsure of.

Uploading to You Tube
This was really easy!
In Windows Live Movie Maker, there is an option at the top to share your video in various places - like Facebook and You Tube.  So I clicked on that and following the prompts found it very straightforward.
I had thought I would have to create a You Tube account to do this - but I guess since You Tube is owned by Google - my Google account already had me signed in!  All I had to do was click on create a channel, then once I was signed in - I went back through Windows Live Movie Maker to upload my movie.
It took a few minutes - but that was it!


I hope that helps others out who may be thinking of trying making their own videos.  I've learnt a lot just by giving it a go - and will now make more videos to learn more - and continue to share what I learn!

I had a lot of fun exploring things that were already on my computer that I had never used - PowerPoint, Windows Live Movie Maker and Sound Recorder. And the new app on my phone - Autorap, has provided lots of entertainment for my family since I downloaded it!! :)

Please do comment if there's anything else you can see that you'd like to know how I did - or if you know better ways to do any of this!

Here's the link again to my finished video if you'd like to see it:

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