Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fashionable Fabrics

With spring just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere - and here in Cairns the end of the Wet season not far off, and the weather becomes cooler and fresher and, well, more spring-like!  
I wanted to see what spring fabrics were out there.
Here's what I found at the fabulous Fashionable Fabrics.

Simply gorgeous - fresh, bright and full of spring!

Now, as you know - a trip to a fabric shop wouldn't be complete without checking out the sale section.
Take a look what I found this time:

A couple of BARGAIN remnants of this 

Fashionable Fabrics has an amazing selection of fashion forward and novelty fabrics - there is something to delight everyone, so do go and take a look for yourself!

Happy Fabric Shopping!

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  1. The springtime in paris one is so cute!



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