Clothes Upcycling Project Features

I've just been having a browse through some of the recent links to the Clothes Upcycling Linky, which now has over 400 projects!!!

I just wanted to highlight a few of the fabulous links we have now:

Beautiful Treasure Pocket Pants from Folk Haven:

She also posted a wonderful tutorial to show how it was made!

This cute little dress made from a pair of ladies pants by Once Upon A Sewing Machine:

I've got a pile of jeans pockets I might try some of these with!!

The linky list is growing all the time - so many fabulous projects and ideas for what to do with those old or ill-fitting clothes!!

Do go and take a look at the links yourself - and please do add any of your own clothes upcycling projecst too!

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  1. I love the upcycling projects, Jill! How are you, girl?


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