Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've been a slack blogger!

Over the past few weeks my blog posts have been a bit hit and miss. I've gone from posting every day to posting every 2 or 3 days.  I have to say I'm missing my daily blogging and sewing, but have found the break a necessity to try to clear and organise my house and so my head!
What started as a challenge to get things sorted over 10 weeks - by the end of October has gone onto fast track as I go into a tidying and organisational frenzy!
The more I see cleared and sorted, the more I want to do.
After cleaning and tidying our back patio last week, my daughters went out to water the veggies, and when putting the hose back in its place dripped water all over the patio (which always happens). The difference this time is that they could see the mess and their immediate reaction was to grab a brush and clean up the drips!! - not something they usually do!

So - this kind of thing encourages me to keep it going. I think that...

 a messy house = messy kids


tidy house = tidy kids!!

Hopefully I'm right about this! We shall see when I'm done!

I am still sneaking in a bit of sewing - making up some cushions for my daughter's classroom at the request of her teacher.  The teacher gave me some old lumpy cushion stuffing, an old doona cover and some sheets. 

And I made some nice soft floor cushions.  
I then cleared out our old lumpy cushions and pillows - and reused the stuffing with the left over fabric from the above and made a few more big cushions (which I forgot to photo before I took to school!)

So a little bit of sewing and LOTS of clearing out!

At the rate I'm going - just another couple of weeks and I'll have this house in shape - and a clear workspace and mind to get back into my blogging and sewing!

Until then, please bear with me - Monday's linky party is still going, as are a few other posts here and there.

But more of the tutorials and clothes upcycling coming very soon!!



  1. Clean and clear away, Jill - makes me envious of your soon-to-be-tidy house and kids!

  2. Taking breaks is necessary! As fun as blogging is, real life is priority! You are getting so much done. :)

  3. It's good to take a break and recharge your mind - you'll come out with greater ideas! :-) Take care.


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