Sewing Green

I've recently been reading a book called 'Sewing Green'

It's a fantastic blend of repurposing, sewing projects and ideas and stories of ways to recycle and upcycle.

It's chock full of inspiration, things like this wallet made from the cuff of a men's shirt:

There are projects made from old feed sacks, juice packages, and old woollen jumpers to name just a few.
Each project has great photos, instructions, a pattern if necessary, and tips and hints on making it.

I really liked the idea of making napkin rings from those plastic rings you get around the top of milk and juice bottles.  These rings I don't think can be recycled, so it's good to find another use for them!
Here's the inspiration from the book:

And here's my quick try!
I've been saving those plastic rings for a couple of weeks..

Then I took some fabric scraps from another project I've just been working on and cut them into strips..

Then simply wrapped the strips around a couple of rings together, adding more strips as I needed them:

Finally I just used a needle and thread to secure the ends:

I've just left the raw edges as I kind of like the shabby chic look of them!  You could add buttons, trim or all sorts of things, but I just wanted to try these out with a very simple ring!

Not bad for a few minutes work - some scraps and a few rings from old milk bottles!

I'd definitely recommend a look at this great book!
There are so many more great ideas, and it's very well written!

Do you have any good sewing or upcycling books you can recommend too?


  1. I love this book! I have made a few things from it but the best has to be the wallet, I made it for my husb and he loves it!

    Love your napkin rings!


  2. Beautiful one!I would love to buy this book


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