Friday, June 15, 2012

Who are you?

I've just started reading Sophie's World again.  

I read it years ago, when I was just out of University and in my first job teaching English in Japan. I really enjoyed the book, and thinking about all the philosophical questions it posed.

I thought that it would be interesting to re-read this book now that I'm older, perhaps wiser and in a totally different place in my life.

One of the first questions is poses is:

Who are you?

It's also interesting that I should choose to start reading this book just when my eldest daughter (9 years old) went to school camp for 3 days.  I really missed her, as did her younger sister, and it made me think about how much I'm defined by being a mother.

As my girls grow older, and I gradually get more time to myself, I'm getting to explore more of myself and who I am and want to be.

As a child I never had one strong ambition to be anything in particular in terms of a job. I went through all sorts of ideas from a physiotherapist, to a marine biologist and even a truck driver.
Really all I ever wanted to do passionately was travel.
I wanted to explore the world and have amazing experiences!

I ended up training to teach English as a foreign language, and taught in Japan, New Zealand and Europe, finally ending up here in Australia, and moving up to the tropical paradise of Cairns, where I'm now..... a mum.
I could also call myself a blogger, a sewer and a writer.
I'm also a runner and a housewife.

But is all that what really defines me?

The more I've been thinking about this - together with my latest thoughts about my blog (which is what I spend most of my time on and around), the more I realise that I still am a teacher.

I've always enjoyed (and believe I am quite good at) explaining and teaching things.

Just yesterday I was helping out in my youngest daughter's class at school with literacy, and I really enjoy the sense of satisfaction you gain from teaching and helping people.
Helping the kids at school to read is very rewarding - particularly their faces when they realise they can do it!

My blog is also in a sense a kind of teaching. My sewing tutorials are my way of 'teaching' others what I've learned myself in sewing. I also try to pass on anything I learn about blogging too.

I enjoy helping my girls learn about the world around them, helping them with their school work, sports and life skills. So I guess I'm teaching them too!

So perhaps that's it -

 I am a teacher

But I don't only want to teach and help others.  I want to achieve for myself and lead by example.

A teacher never stops learning themselves.
I never want to stop learning and striving to be the best version of myself that I can be.

I think I will constantly be thinking about who I am and also who I want to be, because that is just as important so I know what I am striving for.

I'm sure I'll be doing lots more thinking as I read through this wonderful book (Sophie's World) again.

My blog is continuing to grow and evolve and I'm thinking about what it is and what I want it to be too!

How about you?
Have you ever read this book?
Do you ever think about who you are? or who you want to be?


  1. When you're a Mum, you're defined by others as such. Same thing when you work outside the home, or in my case, a mum and a school teacher at the same time. When your leave the workforce and your kids have left home, you don't have the same external factors defining you.


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