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Creating Success around the World - Galina from Galelina

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Jill in Australasia
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Today's guest is Galina from Galelina
    in The Gold Coast , Australia
Hi, my name is Galina and I live with my husband and two kids (6 and 9) in one of the most beautiful places in Australia, the Gold Coast. I have been in Australia for more than 12 years, but my home country is Russia.

I am passionate about flowers. I love capturing their beauty, forever, in leather, silk, satin  and denim. A long time ago I was fond of making different things from leather, and mastered different technics of leather treatment and enjoyed making bags, belts, wallets, even moccasins! I ran my own workshop-club and enjoyed passing on my skills to other ladies.

So after more than10 years away from Russia I realised that I am still passionate about creativity.

Now I make flowers, from silk, satin and…of course, from my favourite material leather!   Really, I don’t know why I decided to start making flowers, maybe because of modern fashion is very feminine like the 50 & 60’s. Maybe because of our beautiful nature we see flowers everywhere. Maybe, because I wanted to do something challenging for myself. I have never done flowers before…

I learned several technique making flowers from silk, bought set of tools and began work!

I am still learning, even though people admire my works. Unfortunately in this case you can only learn from your own mistakes. Often you spend not hours, if not days trying to realise some idea, but result will be so far from your dreams!

My best source of inspiration is Nature. I am walking with our dog, passing an azaleas bush, pick a flower and it helps me in my creative process. This is how I broaden my range of flowers. Next on my list are orchards and hibiscus.   

I started only recently I have created shops on Esty and MadeIt. I have had some success on MadeIt. Esty is a huge site and it seems that you have to spend a lot of time creating Treasure Lists and chatting to be noticed. I would rather spend my time being creative. Like most creative people I like making things not selling things.

I have joined several local art and craft markets and it has been reasonably profitable. Unfortunately, the mentality of most market goers is to search for a bargain, I have had to make my work smaller and more basic to be profitable. It is frustrating for me.  However, the markets are a good place to learn about what customers want and build a presence.

For silk flowers I can’t really compete with imports from China. My flowers are much nicer, but most customers don’t discriminate between my hand-made flowers and cheap Chinese flowers.

I am going to approach several boutiques as potential outlets. Now I try to remember to wear my brooches or hair clips every time, because when my friends see them they very often ask me to make the same.  Facebook has been a good source of clients also especially for custom order. These are the jobs that I love the most. I have several orders to make fascinators for the races. I haven’t done this before so it will a bit of a challenge. However, I am sure that these jobs will be profitable and lift my profile.

I would like  to achieve recognition doing what I love. In the future I want to run a workshop to pass on my skills as I am a talented teacher.  I am passionate about this  art and I know it will be as popular as in Europe.

Please visit my shops on MadeIt and Etsy and my Facebook page.  

Thanks  for your lovely answers - and for sharing your beautiful work with us! I love Galina's honesty and passion about her work - her flowers are just amazing, don't you think?

Do go and visit Galina's Etsy shop and check out more of her wonderful creations!


  1. Delicious flowers with beautiful colors. Are pure art, very beautiful.

  2. The flowers are so life like, gorgeous. I have an Etsy shop and I don't have any treasury lists nor do I chat - I just like to create. More exposure would be great, but creating is more fun.

  3. Flowers look so beautiful...u r very creative

  4. Thanks for running the 'Creating Success Around the World' feature, what a great way to showcase inspiration crafters, Galina's work is exquisite!


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